‘Captain Marvel’ is hitting cinemas soon. Although it’s still shrouded in controversies at the moment, it still excites plenty of people. Much of the hype and excitement comes from the die-hard fans all around the world. Aside from its rich plot that webs around all other Marvel movies (they all seem to overlap but also connect), the cast seems marvelous (pun intended) as ever, especially with the new addition that not a lot of people expected.

One of the surprises the film has in store is the mystery role that Annette Bening will be playing. Exactly what role is Marvel Studios cooking up for her?

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Annette Bening’s Captain Marvel Role

Initially, not many of us knew that Annette Bening is going to be in the film. In fact, not even the actress herself expected to be in a Marvel movie. Only when she was a guest in Stephen Colbert’s late-night show did she confirm her presence in the film. She apparently plays the ‘Supreme Intelligence’, a God-like entity and the supposed leader of the Kree.

The Supreme Intelligence is also an artificial intelligence consisting of the greatest intellects of the Kree people for the last million years. The role is quite big, considering she’s the “supposed leader”. However, there is also a lot that Annette was not telling during her visit on the show. We will just have to wait and see what the movie has in store for us. She also added that she had to rely on her kids to understand her role better. After all, the first time she read the script, she was beyond confused about the role given to her.

“A god-like entity,” Bening says as she describes her character in her own words. “the leader of the Kree people. The artificial intelligence which consists of the greatest intellects of the Kree people for the last million years.”

Bening is an amazing actress who has starred in plenty of great Hollywood movies. She’s versatile and any genre you throw at her, she makes great. She’s starred in films like The American President, American Beauty, The Grifters, 20th Century Women, The Kids Are Alright, and so much more.

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‘Captain Marvel’ has set its theatrical release this March 8, 2019. It is the first ever film about Carol Danvers but will also tackle plenty of things that relate to the previous MCU movies.