YouTube back then was simple, it was just people filming themselves and having fun in front of the camera without expecting something in return. It used to be genuine and creative. Creators like Shane Dawson or Ryan Higa who started their careers as teenagers and didn’t pay any mind at all, they just wanted to express themselves in the world of the Internet, they didn’t even expect it to turn into a million-dollar career!

Now YouTube’s atmosphere has become different. Well not entirely, there are still really amazing and talented content creators and people whom I follow for a very long time but some of the creators in YouTube are just cringe-worthy to watch.

Understanding The Paul Brothers Persona

Jake Paul is just one of them and his army of obnoxious companions. I mean, why would I make such a lengthy article about this dude?

Just the past months, I found my nephew watching Jake Paul. You could say that he is a certified “Jake Pauler”. He heartily chants to his song “Its Everyday Bro” and all the ear- bleeding songs that he presumes to compose. I can’t stress enough how I want to reverse my nephew’s liking towards this person. And how the younger audience (including my young nephew) praises Jake Paul and agrees to his advice to “dab on them haters.”

“Maybe I will change my mind, maybe if I watched his videos I can give a justification and understanding why the young crowd just love this guy,” I said that to myself. There was no understanding, I was still left oblivious of his habits and the only justification that I made is my utter disgust of Jake Paul as a YouTuber or a human being.

Are Children Watching the Right Videos in Youtube

To all those adults who have no idea who this guy is, Jake Paul, the younger brother of Logan Paul is a YouTuber and the so-called leader of Team 10. His following on his social media accounts are astonishing (knowing how pretentious and a jerk this guy is). He has 15 million subscribers in his YouTube account.

He is a bully and he is the core reason why Team 10 is falling apart. If only he shows a little bit of respect and kindness to his friends or fans, then his “team” wouldn’t be falling apart. He wouldn’t be the most hated person in the face of the Earth. I just don’t understand why kids are following him and consider him an inspiration. Well, kids are kids, but it saddens me that the younger generation is watching this piece of garbage (I am so sorry for being too harsh but if you are an aunt or an older relative and observe what the younger people watch, you’ll be as frightened as me).

Logan Paul is no exception. There isn’t that much to say about him but he is as much abusive to humankind as Jake Paul. One big controversy about him that you might have already known is his vlog about Japan’s suicide forest, where he included the footage of a man hanging to his death and made jokes about what he saw.

Adults Trying to Attract the Younger Audience

But Jake or Logan Paul isn’t the only cancer of YouTube. There are “family channels” that I can’t stand. There was this video I watched just the other day about two kids stealing money from their parents’ credit card just so they could purchase an item in FortNite. Everything about the video is just utterly cringe-worthy. The parents’ bad acting of how “mad” they were due to their kids stealing money from them but the latter half of the video is them asking you to hit the subscribe button and to make sure to like their page. Both the kids and the parents looked like they were reading off a script. It’s innovating how these parents are trying to make YouTube as a full-time job to pay off mortgage and living expenses. Well, maybe some of them just want to have fun and document their family life; but at the end of the day, they are making money out of it. I see it as parents exploiting their children or family to gain money.

These kinds of YouTubers know in their heads that majority of YouTube’s audience will be as young as 6-15 years old. Children are very easy to amuse. It is totally fine for children to watch videos about video games, toys, or any other things that kids would watch. But every content creator should know what’s wise for the young people to watch and make sure they aren’t a bad influence. I am talking about some “cringey” Youtubers whose videos are made purposely for kids.

They don’t really care about what the kids watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad for them, as long as they are watching it, gaining millions of views, and making tons of money.

YouTube is More Than Just Making Videos

Back then when I was a kid, the YouTuber that I truly admired was Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman. And up to this day, she has always been careful of what she posts on YouTube and has always been a good role model to the youth. She is also one of the longest-running YouTube channels up to this day.

Are Children Watching the Right Videos in Youtube

Old Youtubers (and those channels that are growing) are always struggling in the continuity of their content/videos. Seeing these YouTubers posting quality content on a weekly basis but always end up having lesser views than their previous videos is just a bummer. One of the best examples is Bunny or Grav3yard Girl who was so famous back in 2014, she was known for her “Does This Thing Really Work” videos or fashion hauls back then. Now, Bunny has finally reached out to her audience that she is struggling with putting content that attracts the current audience who are watching Youtube.

That’s just one of the things that these people are stressing about. Nowadays, these YouTubers are struggling between being authentic but at the same time not getting lesser views everytime they post a new video. Being worn-out in this community is such an epidemic. The system on YouTube is also changing, the drastic change in the analytics, and how YouTube can choose what videos can have much more views. That’s when thumbnails and video titles became more “click-bait-ish”, and way overdramatic.

No one really thought that being a YouTuber would be huge. People saw it as kids who were making videos in their room by themselves. Now, YouTube is this great probability for someone to achieve wealth and fame.

And those two categories, being wealthy and becoming famous, may go on a wrong path. It should be their role to put these to good use. And these YouTubers who are badly exploiting stuff and just making videos for clickbait; I see them becoming greedy and just heavily narcissistic.