Support the Film Industry

Movies have long become a part of our culture. We look up to celebrities for the roles that they play and the advocacies they promote. As public figures, every move they make is like the flap of a butterfly’s wings; each flap, no matter how small, can become a trigger of a bigger motion. Films, too, are as influential as celebrities (or perhaps even more). We check out films, not only for their entertainment value but for the lessons that we learn from them as well. It is through the film industry, in some way or another, that generations after generations are shaped into what they are today.

With the value that the film industry puts forth on the table, it is quite sad to know that there are still opportunists who think that they can undermine the efforts of those who really shed blood, tears, and money just to bring the film industry up to the heights that it is enjoying right now. These opportunists wanted to have a piece of the bigger share, but they ended up doing so much damage to the industry that they are leeching off. What I’m talking about is piracy.

Piracy has been a never-ending battle in the film industry. To protect the rights of those who invest in the films, numerous policies and punishments have been put in place just to deter film pirates. However, none of them truly proved to be successful. No matter how many illegal film websites were shut down in the past, another one pops right back out. 

But what makes those policies fail and those punishments less scary? Is it the people who do whatever it takes to rip off other people’s hard work? No. What makes piracy thrive despite the strict measures placed against it are the people who continue to patronize illegally downloaded films.

While the industry is putting its best foot forward to save itself, pirates unremorsefully continue with their shameless ways. Their continuous plundering of the film industry puts at stake the millions of people working behind the scene – from the carpenters to the small film studios. Of course, despite this saddening fact, the pirates are unrelenting in their efforts. After all, they have a demand to meet. People around the globe look into these pirates’ websites to get their fix of movies that are supposed to only be available for theater viewing.

The dump month of cinemas is looming just around the corner. For a change, consider going to the theaters instead of chilling at home and watching pirated DVDs. Show your support for the film industry and the people in front and behind the camera starting from now.

As the phrase in 21 Bridges goes, “Follow your conscience in an often cruel world.” No matter how much more convenient it is to rip movies online compared to the original, avoid them. Let us not be a part of the culture that tolerates illegal downloading of films. Let us not be a part of the majority that encourages film pirates. It would be nice if this year marks the redemption of the film industry from the damages caused by piracy.

Be one of the lifeboats of the film industry. Say no to piracy.




Lara Kaye