With the current trend in technology, it is now possible for authors to draft, proofread, and publish their own manuscripts without too much hassle. However, an author’s odds of success differ on a case-to-case basis. There may be those one-hit wonders, while there are those whose writing career really takes off after their first success. So, really, what are the odds for an author’s success? Let’s take a peak at currently popular authors and their success stories.

Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is a well-known mystery writer who made it big with her Stephanie Plum series. This series tackles the adventures of bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. Before the series that earned her $33 million though, Evanovich was an inconspicuous writer for ten years before getting traditionally published.

Stephen King

When it comes to the genre of supernatural and horror, Stephen King is definitely one of the master wordsmiths. Before becoming big in the writing industry though, Stephen King also received rejections from different publishers. In fact, his first popular novel, Carrie, got rejected for about 30 times before he raked $39 million (2012) for its publication.

John Grisham

John Grisham received multiple rejection letters for his first novel entitled A Time to Kill. Fed up with rejections, he published his own copies and sold them from his car trunk, which ended up in a big failure though. Now, John Grisham is reported to have earned $26 million from book sales.

Judy Blume

Not all authors have the luck to get their manuscript approved the first time they submit it to a publisher. Just like Judy Blume. Before she sold 80 million books, she had received rejection letters over and over for two straight years.

Steve Berry

Steve Berry is one of the authors who collected multiple rejection letters over the course of his writing career. To note, he had 85 rejections through a period of 12 years. After making a breakthrough though, hesold 10 million copies of his books.

Rex Pickett

One of Rex Pickett’s best books is Sideways. It was rejected for a total of 16 times though. Luckily, it was picked up for film after getting published.

J.K. Rowling

If we want to talk about authors who have earned billions through their work, then J.K. Rowling is definitely the poster child. With her Harry Potter series’ success both as a book and as a movie, there is no doubt that she is rolling in cash now. However, before the great success of the said fantasy series, it was rejected by a dozen publishing houses.

Dan Brown

Known for his novel entitled The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown originally has a book print volume for the said book of less than 10,000 copies. Now, the book sales have significantly picked up after the film adaptation.

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