It is rare for a person to have the same heart as Captain America – a heart that leans towards serving the people. For the likes of Steve Rogers, their desire to do something for the greater good far outshines their self-interests. Thus, even when they have to stake their lives, when it is exchanged for the peace and well-being of the many, they’d be more than honored for it.

Since Steve Rogers appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’ve always known him to put everyone else before himself. He’d be the go-to guy when the Earth needs a savior. He’d lend a hand the best way he could when everything falls apart. He will always be the good guy, much to Tony Stark’s annoyance.

steve rogers in endgame

However, Steve Rogers in Endgame proves that sometimes, Cap can also choose himself over everything else. After Thanos has been defeated, Cap was tasked to time-jump and return all the Infinity stones (and even Mjolnir) back to the time the present Avengers took them. He was supposed to be back in three seconds. Just that he never came back.

Bruce (Hulk), Bucky (Winter Soldier), and Sam (Falcon) thought that something went wrong. Only, it seems that they were mistaken. Steve Rogers in Endgame chose to live the rest of his life back in the 1970s; right beside his one true love – Agent Carter.

From his first film appearance up until the latest Marvel film installment, his character has grown so much that, from the stickler for rules type of guy, he slowly became that man who is flexible enough to stand in the grey area. He is probably one of those guys you’d always berate to think of themselves before they give themselves fully in the service of others. Thus, with Cap’s rare moment of selfishness, we know that his kind of selfishness is the kind he can be forgiven for.

As Sam (Falcon) implied with his talk to the now elderly Cap, what would the world do without a Captain America? It was then that Cap passed on his Vibranium shield to Sam. When he asked Sam how it feels, Sam replied that it felt it belonged to someone else. It was then that Cap refuted him saying, that no it didn’t. It was then evident that Cap is passing on more than just his shield; he is also passing on the responsibility of protecting the world to his trusted buddy.

We’ve always seen Steve Rogers as the perfect poster boy for Captain America. However, we forgot that he is someone who had lost everything in his pursuit of the greater good. He had already served and gave up enough; we can only think of it as his due to be able to live a good life with someone he cherishes.

It was such a heartwarming scene when Cap chose himself over everyone else. This time, he’ll just be the plain Steve Rogers.

steve rogers in endgame

With Avengers: Endgame, aside from Tony Stark’s exit from the franchise, Steve Rogers officially signs off from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.