With Avengers: Endgame nearing its release, people cannot contain their excitement. Its prequel, Avengers: Infinity War has been notorious for leaving us in an empty shell of doubt, with all of our heroes disappearing before us. A lot has been sacrificed and the future of our favorite superheroes are unknown. All we know is that Thanos and his acquiring of the Infinity Stones have left the world in such disarray that it’s almost impossible to see a brighter future or at least, an acceptable ending. For the comic book enthusiast, your answers are here. However, for the people out there who only got around to see the movie, theories are only what fuels them. Without further ado, let’s list all these theories down and see what is most likely to happen.

Time Travel

Time travel will most likely happen one way or another, especially with Doctor Strange on the horizon. Also, if you remember clearly, half the universe just turned to dust, so I don’t think they’re just going to leave it at that. A lot of people have also theorized that in order to get that one possibility of winning, our heroes might just go to the extremes to succeed and that means going back in time over and over again. This will most likely happen and we can’t wait how this will affect the entire movie.

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Captain America


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Now, this one is treading on thin ice. A lot of people on the Internet have been saying how Captain America is going to make the ultimate sacrifice to save mankind. This means he will have to die. There have been talks about Cap being a “sacrificial victim” to the soul stone with him choosing death so that someone else could wield the gauntlet. Now, here’s the tea: it’s going to happen. Cap will die one way or another because Chris Evans, the actor who plays Captain America, has pretty much confirmed that he’s done with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This means Marvel would have to let him go. Of course, the only way that he’d go out with a bang is when he plays the ultimate sacrifice. Then again, Marvel is full of surprises and maybe this time, it doesn’t include Captain America biting the dust.

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Gamora looked the most ‘dead’ in the movie, with her being thrown into the void. No one knows where she is or what really happened. Rumor has it that she’s going to be playing a pivotal role in Thanos’ defeat. Get this, people actually think that she gets inside the soul stone and her past with Thanos is going to help. Some people believe that she will wield the Infinity Gauntlet in the end thus saving everyone. Again, we won’t know what the movie is going to bring to the table but I can’t really feel this theory coming into fruition. Sure, Gamora lives but for her to wield the gauntlet is a little daunting.

Captain Marvel


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With the Captain Marvel movie hitting theaters soon, a lot of theories have been surfacing claiming that Captain Marvel will be the one to bring Thanos down and it’s hard not to see why. In the comics, she does bring him down on certain occasions so maybe the movie will stick to the original source this time.

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Tony Stark



Doctor Strange said it himself that in all 14 million realities, one of them is Tony being the key to their victory. Now, the ultimate sacrifice card could be played in this instance but also, since a BTS showed Robert Downey Jr. wearing Doctor Strange’s cape, there is a slight possibility that our ironclad hero is going to go mystic on us. Or maybe, they just did it for the giggles.

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Quantum Realm

A funny theory revolves around the idea that Thanos is going to get tricked into the Quantum Realm. I don’t think it’s going to end up that way but that would actually be funny.

The Real Villain

A new rumor has emerged and this brings up a new name to the MCU: Kronos. This was after a teaser was shown at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Kronos is thought to be the one imprisoned in the Quantum Realm right now and he’s going to be the one who’s going to help the Avengers beat the purple fiend, Thanos. He’s going to help our heroes travel here and there to seal the deal once and for all, and then, later on, reveal his true agenda.

Now, these are some of the theories that have been floating here and there. We won’t know what the future of the Avengers franchise will bring for sure but you gotta get your popcorn ready when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26, 2019.