The reason of Thanos’ and his children going to different cosmos – searching for all the six infinity stones. We see in the Guardians of the Galaxy volume 1, how the collector Benicio Del Toro explained the infinity stones, “Before creation itself, there were six singularities, then the universe exploded into existence and the remnants of this system were forged into concentrated ingots… Infinity Stones.” 

From soul stone to infinity gem until the movie, it is now called infinity stones. These stones are expressed as the aspects of the universe. The elements of the universe namely, space, time, soul, mind, power and reality stone. In the Guardians of the Galaxy comics that was recently released, the stones are labeled as the source code of the simulation which simulation is described as the universe. These stones are really powerful, it gives power to the living being possessing these stones. So speaking of powers, these stones has specific powers and abilities. So let’s break them down one by one.

Space Stone

what are infinity stonesCurrently inside the tesseract. We see in the movie Captain America, HYDRA uses the stone to create weapons during the World War 2. It seems to vaporize anyone who came in contact. We see the real power of the space stone not until Red Skull, with his bare hands, grabbed the tesseract. In the first movie of the Avengers, during the attack in the New York, the space stone live up to its name by literally making a hole allowing the Chitauri army able to fly through. Of course, the Avengers was able to stop and close the portal.

The space stone when utilizes correctly, it can allow the user to be omnipresent. In other words, the user can be everywhere in the universe at once. It could also make the user to teleport anywhere in the universe. The space stone in the comics is purple in color, but it is blue in the movie.

Johann Schmidt, now known as Red Skull, first discovered the hidden tesseract with his men and we know what happened to Red Skull after that, the tesseract falls into the Arctic waters and was discovered by Howard Stark in S.H.I.E.L.D., yes, Stony Starks’ father. The next thing we saw the tesseract is in the movie Avengers. After the battle in New York, Thor and Loki, along with the space stone transported back to Asgard.

Reality Stone

Also called as Aether. The reality stone was first seen in the film Thor: The Dark World. The Dark Elf was planning on using the reality stone to revert all nine realms back to pre big bang darkness. In the comics, the color of the reality stone is yellow, but it was changed in the film turning it into red. The reality stone is basically used as a wishing stone but in the movie, the reality stone has been used as weapon that revert the universe or reality. It can make anything in the reality possible to impossible.

The reality stone was then given to the collector by the Asgardians for safe keeping. We know what happened to the collector’s home, yeah it exploded. The reality stone cannot be destroyed by an explosion, right? So basically, no one knows where the reality stone is located.

Power Stone

what are infinity stonesThe power stone was hidden away inside an orb in the planet called Morag in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy volume 1. Ronan took the stone, but the guardians were able to stop him and the stone was safely putted to a vault by the Nova Corps in the alien world.

The power stone in the comics is red but is purple in the movie. The power stone increases the strength of the user and the ability. It makes the user become omnipotent when the full power of the stone is access. The power stone might possibly also boost all the power of infinity stone when combine with them.

Mind Stone

what are infinity stonesIt was inside Loki’s scepter before, not until HYDRA got the hold of it in the movie Avengers and uses the mind stone to unlock the abilities of Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch. Then Ultron happened and now the mind stone resides to Vision’s forehead. The mind stone is what brought Vision alive. The mind stone gives the user the ability to control minds. This stone when used in its maximum, it can connect with every single mind in existence at once. Aside from controlling the minds, the mind stone can also access all of their thoughts, memories and more.

Time Stone

what are infinity stonesSafely hidden in the Eye of Agamotto. The time stone was first seen in the movie Doctor Strange. It is yellow in the comics but the time stone in the movie is colored green. It allows the user to manipulate time. It maybe the time of a specific object like what Doctor Strange did to the apple. It can create a loop. Doctor Strange was not really able to kill Dormammu, but what he did was, he created loop to defeat the enemy instead. It allows the user the full access to the past, present, future and everything in between. The time stone can allow the user the complete control all the time. After the Doctor Strange successfully defeated Dormammu, he returned the Eye of Agamotto together with the time stone for safe a keeping.

Soul Stone

The MCU have not yet shown the Soul Stone in the films, but in the comics, it could “trap souls inside another world.” But there are theories that Captain America has the soul stone. This explains why he was able to catch Proxima Midnight’s spear and stops Thanos fist, to think Thanos has the power stone already. Another theory is that Thanos already has it, who knows. Lastly, this has been all over the internet, the soul stone might be in Wakanda. The scene in the trailer why they were attacked might also the be reason why. Also, the soul stone might be the thing they use to be able to communicate with the dead. This also explains why the Black Panther called as the King of the Dead.

So these are the six stones that Thanos is looking for, do you think Thanos and his children will successfully get all of them? And who do you think will be at risk in Thanos’ crusade on getting all the Inifnity Stones?