Barb A. Poole was born in England in 1945, moving to Canada with her husband Terry in 1964. In 1978 Terry’s job took them to California, and later to Arizona where Barb and family live today. (via Amazon)

Author Profile

Paperclips Magazine - Barb A Poole

Full name: Barbara A. Poole
Birth date: June 10, 1945
Birthplace: Winchester, United Kingdom
Genre: Children’s literature
Pen name: Barb A. Poole
Children: Mandy, Braden & Justine
Grandchildren: 5
Pugs: Liberty, Ebony Rose, Pippa
Pen name: Barb A. Poole

Interesting Facts

  • Barb’s father is Welsh and her mother is British. She was raised in England. Her father was a sergeant in the Royal Air Force.
  • They lived in Germany when she was at the age of seven to eleven years old, her family called her Babs.
  • She got married on 1963 & moved to Vancouver Canada, later moved to California & Arizona working seventeen years in Maricopa County Superior Court as a Judicial Specialist, she’s now retired.
  • Her Hobbies are writing, kayaking, reading, playing piano, yoga, walking with her three pugs, Liberty, Ebony Rose and Pippa, and spending time with her family.

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Notable Characters Created

+ Liberty

+ Ebony Rose

+ Pippa