As Marvel fans are clamoring for, Disney has successfully outbid Comcast for buying off most of 21st Century Fox’s assets.

That’s official. And since the deal is now official, we can now look forward to significant changes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the acquisition of Fox by Disney, Marvel Studios (which, if you don’t know by now, is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios) can now get back a lot of Marvel characters that were originally sold to Fox years before. In the future, we may be able to see these Marvel characters in one movie!

Here are the Marvel characters that Disney will be taking from Fox after the acquisition:


The X-Men franchise is perhaps the most successful superhero franchise of 20th Century Fox. It is this franchise that gave birth to our favorite mutants – Professor X, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine. It is also in this franchise that we get to know some of the most impressive antiheroes – Magneto, Mystique, and many others.

benefits of the Fox acquisition by Disney

Disney obtaining Fox assets mean that these X-Men characters will now belong to their stable. We might be able to see a fight (or a collaboration!) between the X-Men and the Avengers. Once these two superhero teams clash, which side will you stand on?

Deadpool and the X-Force

Deadpool is probably the sassiest superhero known in the film industry. The superhero ability that keeps him immortal as well as allows him to break into the “fourth wall” (if you ever consider that as a superhero power) made him a lovable character. Of course, his unceasing desire to join the Avengers is a running gag that we all love to laugh at too.

benefits of the Fox acquisition by Disney

After the acquisition, Deadpool can now officially come under the banner of Marvel Studios. Would that also mean that he can now appear as one of the Avengers? Well, as far as Tony Stark goes, Deadpool is better off bothering Professor X for now.

Silver Surfer and Galactus

Silver Surfer and Galactus have a master-herald relationship, with Galactus as the master and Silver Surfer as the Herald. Galactus is a world-devouring entity while Silver Surfer is the one who looks for planets that Galactus can consume.

benefits of the Fox acquisition by Disney

Silver Surfer is a very important character in the Fantastic Four franchise. After all, he is one of Fantastic Four’s greatest enemies. He had already appeared in the silver screen before in “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”.

How Silver Surfer and Galactus can blend in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still beyond most fans though.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom, born as Victor von Doom, is definitely a character in the grey line. Meaning, he is neither a true hero nor a true villain. He can’t be a hero when he gave up his true love’s life in exchange for power. He can’t be a true villain too when he allowed himself to incur his mother’s wrath just to ensure her freedom. For the Fantastic Four though, Doctor Doom will always remain their greatest archnemesis.

benefits of the Fox acquisition by Disney

We may be able to get a glimpse on his true colors, whichever he may be – either a hero or a villain, once Disney takes up the mantle. For now, though, Fox is already in the mid-production for the Doctor Doom solo movie. It will be under the creative directorship of Noah Hawley. When it gets rolled out in theaters will depend on future management meetings of the involved parties.

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four has never had that much of a success at the box office. Well, not as much if you compare it to the X-Men and Avengers franchise. Fans are definitely looking forward to the reboot of the said film, preferably under the Marvel Studios banner. With the cosmic superpowers of the Fantastic Four, they will definitely fit in well within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

benefits of the Fox acquisition by Disney

Alpha Flight

If the US has X-Men, then Canada has the Alpha Flight. Currently, a rebranded Alpha Flight is under the leadership of Captain Marvel. With Captain Marvel having her own solo movie rolling out in theaters soon as well as her anticipated appearance in Avengers 4, Marvel Studios may be able to introduce the Alpha Flight team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with ease.

benefits of the Fox acquisition by Disney

Aside from having ownership of most Marvel characters, it will now be easier for Marvel Studios to reproduce certain comic events. This is especially so for those comic events that garnered lots of fan support in the silver screen. For now, Marvel Studios have pulled off Civil War and Infinity War with just the Marvel characters they previously owned. Now that their stable has significantly expanded to include X-Men and the others, it will be a piece of cake to produce some of the most thrilling Marvel comic events. Events like “Annihilation”, “Infinity Gauntlet”, “Marvel Legacy”, “Secret Wars” and “Fear Itself” are worth looking forward to.