No, the ladies are not the only one who will be getting all the fun in the fashion field.

The ball of the year is finally here. That may be an exaggeration, but the annual Met Gala is finally here to take us into a world of culture and an arena of fashion.

The Met Gala is a fundraising ball for the benefit of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This ball helps advance and keep on the burning flame of passion in culture and fashion. This ball happens every first Monday of May, and thus the Met Gala 2018 occurred during the 7th of May. For years, the ball had shown stunning beauty in correspondence to the provided theme for the ball, and this year’s Met Gala has the following theme: “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. Indeed, it is quite a daring theme for its religious sacraments, yet artistically appropriate because of the beauty of medieval and renaissance art.

This year contained many dashing and shiny outfits such as Blake Lively’s red gown decorated with golden symbols made of Versace, or Gigi Hadid’s sparkling blue outfit with glossy feather-like designed fabric covering her torso. However, there seems to be not much love for the effort of men in attending these events. Although men can only hope to be as fabulous as the ladies, all we can ever get to wear are tuxedos in formal events. However, the design of these mere tuxedos is what has made them stood up from among the others.

Here is a list of personal Best Men’s Outfit of Met Gala 2018.

Nick Jonas

American singer and actor Nick Jonas attended the event with a simple yet chic outfit. Made of Dolce & Gabbana, he wore a dark textured suit with golden linens across it, paired with matching dark pants and shoes. What makes him on this personal list though is how he has craftily combined his inner and his suit. Under his suit is a white polo with the collar up to his neck, with two neat buttons just showing along with it. Paired beautifully with his jeweled cross necklace, he looks like a slick priest going into an exorcism of the spirits of bad fashion design.

best dressed male celebrity met gala 2018

The simplicity of his outfit is what makes it outstanding for the fact that along with it, he blended in intricate details to make it look chic.

Stephen Colbert

best dressed male celebrity met gala 2018

American comedian and television host of The Late Show Stephen Colbert attended alongside another wacky television host of The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon and the duo had wacky fun with the press amidst the formality of the ball. However, what makes Stephen Colbert shine is his white suit with floral patterns overlaying it. While currently it is unknown what they are, it could be bramble, the burning bush which God used to speak to Moses, making it a perfect fit for the theme. Again, although simplistic, it has details that a first glance could not notice, and that is the beauty of it.

Christian Combs

best dressed male celebrity met gala 2018

Christian Combs is the son of Sean Combs, prominent American rapper and songwriter. While the two of them went to the event, Christian Combs featured the most between the two of them. In fact, he stood out because of the unique design of his outfit. His garments were covered with golden fiber and jewels in a floral-like design. This goes from his torso until his pants. On his pants, the line of the design loops into three, and then continuing, making it look like a clover. He has a black bowtie on and underneath the suit is a white garment fashioned with golden details once again. He wore a monarch crown of gold and red.

Despite the obvious that it represents Jesus Christ, the royalty of Heaven, the son of God, the clovers could represent the Holy Trinity.

Takeoff, Quavo, and Offset

The trap music trio attended the ball with a little twist and playful banter with the theme. While others wore elegant clothing of black, white, silver, and gold, the trio had worn a variety of colors: from pink to orange. Offset wore a suit of pink with iconic imagery depicting feminine figures, most probably the angels of God. He had also worn a necklace with the word “Offset” on it. Quavo had two dominant colors: red and black. On his left side is the black color dominance, while on the other side is the red color dominance. Again, his suit features iconic imagery of medieval paintings, possibly depicting religious events throughout the bible. Lastly, Takeoff wore a suit of iconic imagery of statuettes and dancing ladies.

Although unique in terms of color, that is what makes them in the list; it is still beautiful due to the colorful blend and play on with the theme.

Chadwick Boseman

Marvel’s Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman had also attended the ball, although unlike the others, his outfit was truly an embodiment of the theme while remaining simple and clean. Wearing a white polo underneath white robes adorned with golden swirls and designs all the way to the pants, he looked like a pope or a saint. His golden shoes matched his outfit, and on the robes were four golden crosses that adorned him nicely.

best dressed male celebrity met gala 2018

Indeed, if I were to pick the best among the men during this Met Gala 2018, it would be T’challa.