‘Black Panther’ has been nominated in a lot of categories in this year’s Oscar. Indeed, it seems like the hype is really real and out there. The iconic film took home the bacon as it wins ‘Best Original Score’ amidst the inclusion of four other great movies who had great scoring, as well. Ludwig Goransson is the genius behind the amazing scoring the film has. He is not entirely new to the victory considering that he has won several Grammy Awards, along with even more nominations. This is Goransson’s first Oscar, though.


  1. Black Panther (Ludwig Goransson)

A lot of us are overly familiar with ‘Black Panther’. That’s a given especially if you’ve been keeping up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ‘Black Panther’ is the story of Prince T’Challa who assumes the throne to his home back in Wakanda after his father is killed in an assassination scheme. Wakanda pioneers an impressive feat with its unlimited resources and even greater technology., T’Challa, as the king, must play the part of the superhero Black Panther to protect his people and his homeland from treacherous enemies.

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  1. BlacKKKlansman (Terence Blanchard)

Ron Stallworth and Flip Zimmerman go undercover to investigate an organization that brings about hate and antagonism in Colorado Springs. The group that goes by KKK is filled to the brim with dangerous and hostile people but Stallworth wants to prove himself that he is capable of being an immensely great cop despite his race, an African-American. Because of his heritage, he is the target of racist slurs and activities in the Colorado Springs Police Department especially after the fact that he’s the first ever black guy there.

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  1. If Beale Street Could Talk (Nicholas Britell)

‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ is a semi-unfortunate love story set in Harlem in the early 1970s. This film is about the trials and hardships Tish and Fonny had to go through to achieve their happy ending. Their love blossomed beautifully, initially. But just as soon as Tish gets pregnant, Fonny gets accused of sexual assault. This lands him a spot in jail. Tish fights for Fonny’s freedom and eventually asks her family for help.


  1. Isle of Dogs (Alexandre Desplat)

Imagine Japan in the future and imagine the futuristic things it could bring. Well, that’s how ‘Isle of Dogs’ start: a city in Japan called Megasaki, where everything is a representation of the future. All is well until a sweeping epidemic hits the beloved canines in that area. This prompts the city’s Mayor Kobayashi to exile all dogs in an Island dubbed as Trash Island, much to the chagrin of his 12-year-old nephew, Atari. Atari cannot bear being far from his best friend. Thus, he sets out in an adventure to bring back his furry friend.


  1. Mary Poppins Returns (Marc Shaiman)

Mary Poppins is an unforgettable icon in the world of film. Although released years back, youngsters till flock to see the film and immerse themselves in the magical world of Mary Poppins. Now our favorite nanny is back. Played by Emily Blunt (previously played by Julie Andrews), Mary continues her magical duties. She takes on the task of caring for the Banks’ children, fathered by the recently widowed Michael Banks. She helps the children with their woes and worries. Mary also teaches them valuable lessons in life, as well as Michael and Jane.

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