It isn’t the first win for ‘Black Panther’ in the 91st Oscars but they could add this one to the list. The iconic film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe bagged the win for the Best Production Design category, beating the other four nominees included in the division. It was quite a challenge too, considering that the other four nominees were great movies in their own right.


  1. Black Panther (Hannah Beachler (Production Design); Jay Hart (Set Decoration))

‘Black Panther’ is another film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that gained great recognition from the public due to its diverse cast and its rich plot that follows the life of Prince T’Challa, a humble man following in his father’s footsteps. In a series of unfortunate events that took place in an earlier MCU film, Prince T’Challa must return to Wakanda to take the throne after his father gets assassinated. Wakanda, a part of Africa, is a hidden land that’s rich in heritage, culture, resources, and jaw-dropping technology not yet introduced to the world outside. As enemies pillage through and try to uncover the secrets shrouding the mysterious place, T’Challa must assume the role of the superhero Black Panther, as well as Wakanda’s rightful ruler to protect both the people and the land’s assets.

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  1. The Favourite (Fiona Crombie (Production Design); Alice Felton (Set Decoration))

There’s Lady Sarah – all that she wanted, she acquired. A shrewd and wise woman who definitely is ahead of the game. She’s also calculating and conniving, and she managed to play the trusty confidante that the Queen of Great Britain needed. Queen Anne is an eccentric ruler who had questionable choices, probably because of the fact that she’s emotionally unstable and is sort of ill. All seemed well despite the ongoing war between France and Great Britain. Lady Sarah was appointed as the de facto ruler by Queen Anne to lead the people but things go awry when Abigail, Lady Sarah’s cousin, enters the picture.


  1. First Man (Nathan Crowley (Production Design); Kathy Lucas (Set Decoration))

A biopic about Neil Armstrong and his very first steps on the Moon. Set in 1961, test pilot and engineer Neil Armstrong joins NASA. It was that time that they were charged with landing an American on the Moon. Armstrong, despite the pressure and the dangers that come with the objective, still went for it. He eventually became the first man to step foot on the Moon.

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  1. Mary Poppins Returns (John Myhre (Production Design); Gordon Sim (Set Decoration))

Following the story of Michael and Jane Banks. Michael is now a widower with three children. Jane is also struggling on her own. Both are surprised when Mary Poppins, their former nanny, returns one day. She still uses her magic. This time, she teaches the younger Banks children, all the while helping Michael and Jane with their adult woes.

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  1. Roma (Eugenio Caballero (Production Design); Barbara Enriquez (Set Decoration))

The critically acclaimed film ‘Roma’ rocked plenty of nominations and bagged a few awards during the 91st Oscars. This foreign movie set in Mexico is phenomenal and the acting was so on point. The production of the film is extraordinary and its plot matches no other. We follow the story of Cleo, a maid in the 1970s where political cataclysms were rampant. She works for a doctor and his family who face a myriad of personal problems. Cleo is appointed to care for the 4 young children all by herself as things get worse for the married couple she works for.

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