Bob’s dad, a barber, was always coming home with new jokes or descriptions of characters that visited his shop.


While other boys memorized baseball cards, jokes stuck in Bob’s brain. His head was so full that he started writing them down to get some relief. He experimented with stories. If he could not make it ­­­funny, he took it out of his notebook. His book is the funniest of the funny.


Bob Malcolm’s Christian Jokes: Clean Humor for A Good Laugh

Bob is an engineer. If he couldn’t see it or measure it, it wasn’t real. In time he realized important things in life; love, worry, fear, humility, friendship, hope… couldn’t be measured. He realized the Bible was a higher science; the science of the human spirit.


Bob struggled with depression as many comedians and artists do. Comedy broke the recordings, making the issues seem less important, even trivial, allowing him to move on.


Jesus told stories. Jewish humorists stretch things out of proportion. This brings new light to Jesus’s teachings “Why do you worry about the splinter in your brother’s eye when you have a barn beam sticking out of your own eye?” Jesus noticed church leaders following tiny rules but had no mercy for the poor. He said, “You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel”.


Bob Malcolm’s Christian Jokes: Clean Humor for A Good Laugh

Bob now entertains audiences by looking at life in a new and joyful way. One night a woman laughed so hard she slipped out a beige folding chair and cracked a rib. He wasn’t sure whether to be ashamed… or proud of being so funny.


A nurse trying to explain how to use a toilet to Haitians that had never used a public toilet before… in baby-French. “If de bottom is on de tank and de feet are on de bowl, dis is bad. Put de bottom on de bowl and de feet on the floor. (Haitians use rocks for toilet paper) And do not put de rock in de toilet. It will not flush


Of the American Professor who tried to preach in Haitian. He said “Pa-ta every morning, pa-ta every noon, pa-ta every night. Indeed pa-ta continually.” The trouble is he should have said “pre-A”. Pa-ta meant to have gas. The Haitians were quite amazed at this new teaching from God.


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The Skunk at Church . . . Has His Own Pew

Author: Bob Malcolm

Genre: Humor & Entertainment

Paperback: 68 pages

Publisher: Trafford

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1490751491


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Bob Malcomb does stand-up comedy at churches and other special events. He believed “a merry heart is good medicine.” He travels the world volunteering, building churches, hospitals and other Christian structures as an engineer, where he often gets himself in hot water from hilarious cross-cultural communication mistakes