This is an unprecedented book on human development that is multi-faceted and greatly in need.  It starts off with physical fitness, then emotional fitness, financial fitness, spiritual fitness, social fitness, and intellectual fitness.  It deals with every aspect of a human being’s life and aims to bring out the best in people and make them healthier and happier.  I wrote the book because everywhere I searched, I could not find a similar book that dealt with every aspect of fitness in this way.  It is very entertaining and gives my unique techniques for overcoming fear, which has been the story of my life.  It will be useful to anyone who wants to deal with adversity and make the most of himself.

The book itself is an acronym for 16 health-related practices that are discussed after going into the six aspects of fitness that I mentioned above:

Boldly Travel Hero Peter Cohen

B for brain and sleep-care.

O for oral supplementation.

L for less food.

D for diet.

L for less toxins.

Y for youth.


T for new technologies.

R for relaxation.

A for anticancer.

V for improved blood circulation.

E for exercise.

L for logotherapy and psychotherapy.


H for heart and spirit.

E for Eros, love, and sex.

R for recovery.

O for optimal conditions


There is a section on the achievements of myself and my wife and some adventures.  One can easily see my rulership over fear and pain and my proud defiance of death and moral courage.  I am very similar to Ernest Hemingway in this respect and many other respects, except that I write in the genre of self-help.

My leading aim in life is to learn how to live, how to last as in physical fitness, and having lasted how to use a carefully cultivated stoical fortitude to improve the well-being of others.  I wrote this book with a view to improving the well-being of others from every aspect.

Boldly Travel Hero Peter Cohen

I was born in Toronto on August 19, 1953.  Life went fairly well, except that I was born with a mild mental illness, schizotypal disorder, caused by a small amount of excess dopamine in the limbic system, part of the schizophrenia spectrum.  Life became tragic when the psychiatrist I had been seeing brutally assaulted me, causing brain damage and schizophrenia, which is caused by much excess dopamine in the limbic system.  It is incurable and a major challenge.

Despite the challenges of entering young adulthood with schizophrenia, I studied pre-med and psychology and began down a path into nursing.  Struggling with a learning disability that was misunderstood and misdiagnosed and caused by the schizophrenia, I persevered and became a paramedical doctor with a Ph.D. in health science.

A lifelong passion for health and science, fitness and relaxation led me to work in the fields of psychology, medical editing, nursing, and market research.  I am happily married to a great wife and am keenly interested in sports and relaxation to help others feel better and to continually improve my sense of courage.

I have also written an autobiography that I am very proud of called the “Brain In Pain”.  I detail my experience with schizophrenia and challenges the stigma surrounding mental illness.  It is very candid and vivid and gives pointers on how I coped with a psychosis.  It is a book that will interest anyone who has struggled with adversity and made the most of it.


More About the Author

Peter Cohen was a bright and ambitious young man of fifteen until he was inducted into the horrors of schizophrenia after the brutal assault by a psychiatrist. It completely altered his life. With great effort and discipline, he was able to survive and grow despite his illness. He became a paramedical doctor and was able to eventually create a loving and rich life for himself and his wife.


Peter is happily married and lives in downtown Toronto with his wife. He continues to be keenly interested in sports and relaxation to help others feel better and continually improve his sense of courage. He shows you how to increase your own self-esteem and sense of courage without risking yourself or hurting yourself. He also gives numerous health and psychological well-being tips.


Boldly Travel Hero Peter CohenBoldly Travel Hero

Author: Peter Cohen
Genre: Self-help
Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (September 20, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1532058322
ISBN-13: 978-1532058325



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