Bridge of Shadows

My father knew how to hold onto his old Scottish secret— in fact, the family wasn’t aware of its existence until after his death. Later, while speaking to his siblings in Scotland, we discovered he had been prepared to disclose it when he returned from a trip to Acapulco. While there, however, he succumbed to a heart attack and the secret was never revealed.

When the shock of his death wore off, we as a family often discussed the possibilities of the secret. He had told his sister that it would change everything. Was it a family matter? political intrigue? a dangerous discovery?

Bridge of Shadows

I decided this could be the beginning of a good story— the bulk of which would be pure fiction. I changed the protagonist to an orphaned granddaughter, Sela, who learns, just prior to his death, that her grandfather had a secret past in Scotland.  When a series of calamities occur, she decides to get away from her hometown, Minneapolis, for a few weeks and travel to Scotland in the hope of discovering information about his past. While there, her elderly great-grandmother slips her a letter that seems to incriminate him in a WWII highland espionage scandal. She then challenges her to find the truth.

Sela travels with her young, adopted uncle to the highland town of Ullapool where the letter originated, and begins her investigation— a not-so-savvy bungled attempt that lands her in hot water with both sides of the law. She is quickly drawn into a related present-day scheme threatening to take the country captive.

With two not-so-secret admirers and a gang of thugs at her heels, Sela must ferret out the truth and decide what to believe— not just about her grandfather, but about her present-day companions. When everything appears to be falling apart, she makes a life-altering spiritual discovery. Will it be enough, though, to navigate through the dangerous circumstances she is about to encounter?


About the Author

Iris Munchinsky was born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to Canada as a young child. After their marriage, she and her husband spent ten years in eastern Kentucky in home missions work before returning to Canada. With the benefit of living in three countries, she has a wealth of experience and more than a one-dimensional view of the world, which she believes, enables her to produce authentic and believable characters.

Iris also spends her time painting, teaching a Bible study, acting in a local theatre group, teaching English Second Language, and running a B&B. She loves thinking up interesting or humorous scenarios to incorporate into her writing. She is now working on her second novel— a sequel to Bridge of Shadows.