Flossy the Raccoon is a tale about a sweet raccoon that gets unexpected assistance in finding his way home. The author has a strong desire to share the love of animals and imagination with children.

I grew up in a rural area, on a small farm with many different animals.  My summers were spent with my uncle who raised pigs, cattle and planted tobacco.  I was very fortunate to be around with so many different critters and get to interact with them.  From the time I can remember, I have always loved and wanted to be with pets, farm animals and other creatures.

Bringing in Creativity, Imagination and Love for All Animals in Children

As I got older, I started rescuing strays.  I took care of their medical needs, taming, domesticating, eventually leading them to find a forever home. I have starting rescuing animals from my teenage to the present.

I always had an active imagination. In my mind, I usually can come up with stories around unique personalities of animals.  Eventually, I started putting the stories on paper, something just for me to enjoy.  All of the stories have some truth about the animal and its life.  The critter that is being written about does exist.

About Blacksheep Children’s Book

I would like to inform you about my educational background. I earned an Associate’s degree, followed by a Bachelor of Science degree in the Administration of Justice. My career background has been primarily in human resources and sales.  I decided to make a career change in the past five years from Administration into mental health.  This particular job puts me working one on one with others in order to help them live more independently. Helping people and animals are in my heart and I enjoy it the most.

My goal in writing is to bring enjoyment and creativity and to cultivate a love for imagination, animals, and children.  I look forward to continuing to write for the pleasure of others.

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Bringing in Creativity, Imagination and Love for All Animals in ChildrenFlossy the Raccoon

by Blacksheep Children’s Books

Genre: Children’s Book

Paperback: 24 pages

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN-10: 1982204400

ISBN-13: 978-1982204402


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