Over the years, the ‘Transformers’ franchise has garnered some sort of bad reputation but it wasn’t always like that. The first few movies were an actual hit. However, when it got a little dragging, people had to put their foot down. The franchise took a huge blow, with its recent movies getting the most flak. With all the suffering the movies have to go through, it’s only right that the people behind it change its pace before it all goes down the drain.

Queue in their latest conquest: Bumblebee. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love that bright yellow Transformer, with an even brighter personality? I don’t know about you, but he is and will forever be my favorite Autobot. So when I initially heard that he was going to get his standalone film, I basically leaped out of my seat. Now, I didn’t know how they were going to incorporate a new idea when Bumblebee is going to be always part of the franchise. This would mean digging deep into Bumblebee’s origin and changing the entire formula.


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Fast forward to the movie’s release date. It’s safe to assume that the movie did take a different tone compared to its predecessors. It was more mellow and most importantly, it did not try to be just like the other ‘Transformers’ movies. An actual proof of that is, in comparison to the previous ones, there are less Transformers in the movie. This doesn’t hurt the plot one bit as there are still a number of Autobots in the plot and of course, Decepticons, which are the primary enemies in the movie.

All About the Transforming Beetle

The ‘Bumblebee’ timeline actually takes place before any of the ‘Transformers’ movies. This means that even if you haven’t seen a single ‘Transformers’ film, you will still be able to get where it’s coming from. Of course, if you did watch all the other films, the terms would seem more familiar. Other than that, this one doesn’t require you to binge everything. The storyline follows the year 1987 where they reveal more about Bumblebee and his past. I completely agree with this because we all know that this ray of auto sunshine deserves a good explanation of his backstory with a really invested audience.

Before coining the name Bumblebee, he was referred to as B-127. The one and only Optimus Prime initially sends him to Earth to set up a base for battle. He ends up fighting for his life. Although he survives, he loses both his voice and his memory, including the mission Optimus Prime has primed him for. He loses his hard persona and turns mellow, eventually meeting Charlie and experiencing a more human experience. This is the reason why out of all the Autobots, he is the most charming and ends up being everyone’s favorite.

Most importantly, what makes this movie stand out is it’s surprisingly light take on explosions. Travis Knight, the director of ‘Bumblebee’, tones down the action scene. Admittedly, this proves to be effective as the movie becomes more effective in tugging your heartstrings. Thus, ‘Bumblebee’ may not be heavy on action but it is on emotion and it totally is heartwarming.

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