Over the last decades, Michael Bay took the reins of the Transformers franchise we’ve grown to love. For over 11 years, we have been infused with like a cinematic panic attack of an epic battle between humans and Decepticons. But just recently, Travis Knight imbues a massive stylistic and tonal shift for the Transformers franchise with Bumblebee.

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Bumblebee has gone from an extension of a winning brand to potentially the last stand of cinema’s most popular alien machines as Knight did a wonder of transformation with a 1980 nostalgia, pulling the previously complex mythology way back and starting over from scratch. Putting such a new concept for the franchise, the film actually feels new and distinctive, giving an approach to the film’s fan a coherent action and rich characters.

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With such a wonderfully carved re-imagining of both toys and their era, the film undoubtedly found favor with the critics, with many hailing it the best Transformers movie to date.

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If this is where the new Transformers franchise is headed, we sure are in for another transformation!

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