Dive into the world of Narnia with the works of C.S. Lewis. This literary master is definitely one you should add to your favorite author’s list as he specializes in bringing you to an adventurous world filled with bravery, justice, and magic.

Author Profile

Full Name: Clive Staples Lewis
Birth Date: 29 November 1898
Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland
Pen Names: Clive Hamilton, N. W. Clerk, C.S. Lewis
Occupation: Novelist, scholar, broadcaster
Genre: Christian apologetics, fantasy, science fiction, children’s literature
No. of books: At least 24

Interesting Facts

  • During World War II C.S. Lewis broadcast popular radio shows on the subject of Christianity. The speeches were published in the book Mere Christianity.
  • C.S. Lewis began publishing the series The Chronicles of Narnia in the 1950s. The first book The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, was published in 1950.
  • He wrote his first science fiction book titled Out of the Silent Planet which was published in 1938. It was the first book in a trilogy.
  • Theologians and scholars have held C.S. Lewis’ books Miracles and The Great Divorce in high regard.

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+ Aslan

+ Lucy Pevensie

+ Caspian X