Despite nearing its initial release, it seems that ‘Captain Marvel’ has a lot on its plate as issues plague the controversial MCU film. People were initially excited about the film. Fans even went as far as concocting their own fan theories just to support the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, all of that went to mush. Why? Long story short – the Captain Marvel Rotten Tomatoes rating plunged downhill even before it got released.

‘Captain Marvel’ doesn’t get released until March 8, 2019. However, internet trolls seemed to have crawled their way into the ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ site just to poke fun at and ultimately ruin the ‘Captain Marvel’ experience. These trolls have left disturbing comments and reviews that sent the ‘want to see’ rating plummet. In Rotten Tomatoes, if the ‘want to see’ rating plummets, most users will no longer feel excited to watch the film. They’d think that the film is no good.

With what happened, Rotten Tomatoes made adjustments to this loophole. The site ultimately changed how their entire rating system works. Right now, you cannot review or comment on unreleased movies.

The Attack

A lot of the problems seem to be stemming from the actress that plays Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) herself but at this point, only the movie seems to be suffering.

Apparently, the attacks don’t really care much for the movie. What they are attacking the most with their reviews is the actress playing the titular role, Brie Larson. Larson has faced tons of controversy prior to this trolling issue. It’s mostly because of her way of promoting feminism. A lot of people are yet to get used to how she’s acting in her interviews. Moreover, most of her statements get misinterpreted. Although she seeks to empower, it would seem like most people would always take this the wrong way.

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Either way, it would seem like the problem has been settled for now. Rotten Tomatoes has found a way to tackle the problem. This method also saves other movies whom people have bashed even before its release. As for the upcoming ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, only time will tell if it’s going to be successful or it’s going to bomb, just like most people claim. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has very little to say about the issue but if you’re a huge deal in Hollywood, this is merely a bump they can ignore along the way.