For many of us, a Marvel film with a female lead has been long overdue. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we’re getting this week. It took a long while but Marvel finally blessed us with the long-awaited change of pace. Definitely, a lot of comic book fans are ecstatic about this. It would also seem that Marvel perfectly thought of everything as the Captain Marvel release date coincides with Women’s Day: both are on March 8.

Marvel’s First Female-Led Superhero Movie

It’s been 10 years and they’ve made about 20 movies or so and it just so happens that the only movie with a female lead gets released on Women’s Day. It is no mere coincidence – it’s a perfectly timed manifestation and Marvel deserves a round of applause for that. This does not only mean that a new superhero gets introduced (and it just so happens she’s a female), this also raises awareness about issues concerning women and equality. Of course, not a lot of people celebrate the event and some have even gone as far as calling out Marvel for the unwanted display of feminism. Regardless, Marvel has rooted their feet to the ground and is sticking to the original March 8 premiere, which makes plenty of people happy (and sadly, some people glum).

captain marvel release date

So far, Captain Marvel has mixed reviews even before its release. But it’s not about how the movie is going to turn out. It is because of the negative press releases that condemn Carol Danvers’ actress, Brie Larson, and her feminist “tirades”. Then again, a good or bad press release is still a press release. In fact, it will make the movie trend even more. Marvel has been mum about the issue. However, we’re pretty sure they got things up their sleeves just in case the outcome doesn’t favor them, at all.

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Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel, doesn’t only get to star in her own movie. She is also set to make an appearance and join the team in ‘Avengers: End Game’. Although it’s only speculations at this point, it is said that she will play a huge role in Thanos’ defeat.

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