Author Profile

Full Name: Carolyn Merchant, JD & Christopher Merchant, MD
Birthdate: Jan 13 and Oct 26
Age: 69/70
Birthplace: St. Louis/Ft. Myers Virginia
Genre: Health
No. of Book Written: 1,

Interesting Facts

  • Carolyn Merchant has been an attorney specializing in eye injuries for thirty-five years, and Dr. Merchant has been a family practice physician for forty years. Dr. Merchant comes from a long line of social revolutionaries who had the courage to speak up for what was right, to provide information others deserve to know.
  • We worked together on the concepts in this book for forty years, based on experience, observation, research and discussion. The book is a revolutionary new vision for medical care in chronic disease, that can transform medical care and spur new discoveries to conquer chronic disease.

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