THE PRESIDENTS QUIZ BOOK FOR YOUNG AND OLD contains 761 questions and answers on every president from Washington to Trump. This book is different since the answers directly follow the questions. That makes it easy to test your friends and family and have them test you without flipping back and forth. Some of the questions will surprise you while some of the answers are designed to make you look for further information. To make it more fun take a sheet of paper and jot down your favorite stumpers. Don’t forget the numbers.

Challenging and Engaging Icebreaker

Mike Getz is a writer, actor, singer and musician who loves baseball. His athletic memories include competing in the National Track Championships and IC4A meets in Madison Square Garden, and running an anchor leg in the mile relay at the Penn Relays. He is proud of the fact that he played ball on diamonds in all five New York City boroughs and in the Army, and once worked out with a San Diego Padres farm team, Mike has been a guest on WABC and WHN radio, participated in over 125 film and TV projects, played piano and sung on television, and appeared in HBO and ESPN’s documentaries. He lives with his wife, Lois, in Brooklyn, New York. This is his ninth book.

Challenging and Engaging Icebreaker Challenging and Engaging Icebreaker

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