“Wouldn’t it be cool if this hero/villain was in it?!”

The most anticipated Marvel film “Avengers: Infinity War” is getting nearer and nearer. How is it the most anticipated? It might as well be the biggest crossover event in history, memes aside. Imagine more than 20 superheroes all in one film. Imagine the budget for it. In fact, there are still roles not even presented yet like Peter Dinklage, who fans are still speculating his role to be in the film. Of course, it would not compare to the comics, since they have lots and lots of heroes tied in to the story, including the X-Men and the Inhumans.

And since the film is almost here, the roster of heroes in the film is getting more and more certain. The Avengers, SHIELD, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and more all appear on the big screens. The villains of the film as well were shown, namely Thanos and his gang of mischiefs, the Black Order. However, wouldn’t it be nice if certain heroes and villains were in the film? Here is our very own roster of heroes and villains who we would want to see in the film. Who knows, maybe they will appear in it.

WARNING: potential major spoilers as this talks about the comics. Reader’s discretion is advice. You have been warned.


avengers infinity war spoilersThis may sound strange that the Illuminati exists in the Marvel universe. No, they are not sacrificing people to Satan. That is not what the Illuminati even does. The Illuminati is a group of diverse superheroes which was formed by Iron Man after an alien invasion known as the Kree-Skrull War. His plan was to form a group of superhumans to act like a secret law enforcement organization to avoid alien invasions from happening through their intel and their networks. The Illuminati originally consisted of Iron Man from the Avengers, the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, the X-Men Leader Professor Xavier, Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, King of Inhumans Black Bolt, and Prince of Atlantis Namor McKenzie. However, more members soon followed, like King of Wakanda Black Panther.

In the comics, Mister Fantastic from the Fantastic Four secretly collected all the Infinity Stones through the Illuminati. After he had collected all of them, he tried to use the power of the stones through the gauntlet to will the stones out of existence. However, this plan failed, and he was forced to give the Infinity Stones separately to the members of the Illuminati in hopes that they keep it hidden from the clutches of evil.

While some members of the Illuminati are already in the film like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther, it would be nice to see the rest of them in the film such as Mister Fantastic, Professor X, Black Bolt, and Namor. I could imagine Mister Fantastic coiling around Thanos using his stretching ability. After all, it is already possible since Disney bought Fox, who owns the rights to the X-Men and the Fantastic Four franchise.

Adam Warlock

avengers infinity war spoilersAdam Warlock is an artificial superhuman made by a group of researchers whose goal was to create the perfect human being, the pinnacle of future human evolution. He was initially named as “Him”, however Him rebelled against his creators and escaped. After several occasions, he was reborn and promptly named Adam Warlock, Warlock given to him by the High Evolutionary who is his guiding force and Adam given to him by a couple of kids he met on Counter-Earth, as it was customary to have two names.

In the comics, after Thanos was defeated, Adam was given the Infinity Gauntlet to him to take care of it and steer it away from evil clutches. To do so, and to use the Gauntlet wisely as a logical being, he, using the power of the Gauntlet, separated his good and evil aspect, with the evil aspect creating his evil alternate, Magus.

Although in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Adam was created by Ayesha, the golden leader of the Sovereign in “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and was shown during the end credits of the film. Side note: it seems that he will not appear in the film, so it is already a given that we can’t have him for now. Still, it would be cool to see Adam Warlock taking on Thanos with his mighty punch.


avengers infinity war spoilersThane appears in the Infinity series as the real reason why Thanos would go and invade Earth in the first place. He is the son of Thanos and a member of the Inhumans. He was born from an Inhuman woman, as detailed in New Avengers Vol 3 #10, The Thanos Seed. As Thanos and his super group of baddies arrived to search for him, eventually they learn that the boy was in Greenland, the Inhumans’ secret base. They also learn of the Infinity Stones in Wakanda, so they go there, setting the battle for our film, “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Although the Inhumans are not in this film, it could be that in the film, Thanos really is searching for his son, so there are grounds for him to appear. Who knows: maybe he is played by Peter Dinklage.


One of the potential reasons why Thanos would be after the Infinity Stones would be to impress his longtime lover, Death. At an early age, Thanos was persuaded by Death to kill his fellow people, and eventually he formed an obsession with it, even killing his own mother. Thanos also fell in love with Death due to this, but Death refused him. When Thanos grew up and returned to his home planet after years of being a murder hobo and a deadbeat father in a galactic pirate crew, he tried to court Death once again. He tried to do so by killing everything using the soul gems as a gift to her.

If you are confused by now, Death is the embodiment of the literal death. She was created at the same time the Universe was created, as it should be. Therefore, it could be that this is the reason why Thanos would be in search of the soul gems.

There are many more characters that should be in the Infinity War, like the Inhumans, or Supergiant. They all cannot fit in one big screen, however. What about you? Which character should be in the “Avengers: Infinity War”?