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Full name: Cindy Graves
Age: 60
Birth Date: March 29, 1958
Birth Place: Uravan, Colorado
Pen Name: Cindy
Genre: Children’s books / Poetry
No. of Books Written 7
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Interesting Facts

  • While I was growing up I raised 15 baby raccoons, teaching them how to climb down trees, when they got stuck at the top, catching fish for them to practice re-catching in buckets, and teaching them how to forage for edible berries.. Later, with the help of my own children, together we raised a baby robin and a baby sparrow, which had fallen out of their nests. The birds eventually grew up, but stayed close to our home, flying round and landing on any heads or shoulders that presented themselves, to the dismay of our neighbors.
  • As a child I thought it was my responsibility to make sure the streams flowed, so, naturally, I could either be found running barefoot in the 10 miles of woods behind our house in Connecticut, long hair flying, dragging fallen logs and debris out of the stream, or else I would be curled up in little “nests” of irish moss, reading books, and being “on call” in case the stream needed it’s “protector”. One of my favorite books was Green Mansions, by William Henry Hudson. The character, “Rima”, was my childhood role model.
  • At age 13 I rescued an entire generation of frogs. One night, as I ran barefoot through the woods, I came upon an armada of bulldozers parked next to a pond. I ran home, returning with buckets and bags, and spent the rest of the evening and half the night scooping up as many tadpoles as I could find, and transporting them back to my home, where I filled up as many containers as I could fill with pond water. I even filled up the inside of our rowboat with water for the tadpoles. Sure enough, the next day the pond was completely razed, filled in and scooped out again, to create an artificial pond of cement and fountains for a new golf course. For weeks I cared for the tadpoles, in my backyard, until they grew into frogs. When the artificial construct was complete, I returned the frogs, to the pond, seeding it with life once again. I did notice that it was a lot easier to scoop up tadpoles than frogs.

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