Magazine advertising reaches and engages the target audience in a meaningful way. If you want to market your self-published book to the right audience, then consider availing the advertising services offered by most social online magazine.

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With the existence of the Internet, marketing with social media has become a key to reaching out to your intended audience. Through social media, you and your book can establish a brand. Just a simple Twitter tweet or Facebook share of your Paperclips magazine Ad can increase potential sales for your book.


Advertising with us allows access to the User Activity Counter. This is a premium web magazine analytics service that the magazine offers to advertisers. This service helps in tracking and reporting ad and article traffic. With this analytics service, advertisers now have an easy way to determine sales, page view, user demographics, and lead generation.


What is the reason why you publish ads in magazines? Isn’t it to market your book? However, a magazine ad will be ineffective if the magazine’s readers aren’t your target audience. Therefore, advertising your self-published books in the magazine is the right choice if you want to reach out to bookworms around the world.


The magazine has two million subscribers. What that means for advertisers is that posting an ad with us allows them to reach out to two million potential sales.


Of course, you will be paying a sum for the advertisement. However, advertising with us ensures a better return of investment. The conversions from the ad will be more than the amount you paid for advertising.

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