What is more exciting than prom? Well its the night where you show off your glamorous side. Now problem number one is ‘What are you going to wear?’.

Here are some options that would really help especially when you’re low on budget and you still want that dream prom come to life.

First option anyone would always go for is: GOWN FROM THE THRIFT STORE.

I know it’s second hand, old and used but this is a great help. It may not be your dream dress for you to impress but this is exactly the first step in the this DIY tutorial.

  • Pick a dress.

Work on that dream apparel. Will it look like one of the highlights of the Met Gala 2018 celebrity fashion? How do you want it cut? Is it going to be a ball gown ? A mermaid cut gown ? A long floor-length gown? Or a cocktail dress? These are probably the questions you should ponder on first to assess you with making that dress you’d surely own the dancefloor. Now when in a thrift store you need to put to mind what you need. Anything that suits your taste especially the color. My point here is you choose a dress that might fit your taste, your standards matter here. Don’t worry about it being cheap and really ugly. (But then again please choose a comfortable dress that you really like) Moving on to the next agenda.

  • Improvising.

This is how the DIY kicks in. The first revenue of this part is: Self Assessment.

Do you know how to sew? Do you have sewing materials? But most importantly do you have faith in yourself in actually revising the clothing materials?


Sewing is the main process of dress-making. It has two methods: hand-sewing and machine sewing. Although machine sewing is most convenient, for starters hand sewing is more basic and usually for people who have no experience on any sewing activities or such.

cool prom dresses 2018

Now, let’s say the dress you bought from the thrift store is not enough (too loose, too plain, too long, etc.) Time for a make over then. Picturing the outcome is fun but at the same time limiting. Why ? You can make your imagination run wild but, to the extent where it is actually possible to do with respect to the skills, materials and time at hand.


Is done to achieve the exact or snug feeling of a dress.

Cutting the Pattern

A pattern for the part you are to improvise is very crucial. Cutting is easy but once cut, it will never go back to its original form.


This is where the sewing part comes in. Attaching or dettaching apparel.

Once you have made up main dress it is time to accentuate and design

Things you need:

  • Pattern design (or any as you’d wish : could be rhinestones, beads, etc.)
  • Clothing Glue ( preferably E6000 Self Leveling Glue Clear Acrylic Adhesive Resin Clear DIY Crafts )

I would recommend, E600 since it is convenient inexpensive and not hard to find. Why not normal glue ? Well, normal paper glue would not work on apparels and wood glue would be very messy. So let’s settle for this DIY Crafting glue.

If you want to shine and reflect lights like a disco ball you then must add on jewelry to the dress. Your desired patterns can be imprinted on the dress as well as designs.

A little heads up, the glue usually dries quickly so its better to plan the designated layout of patterns.

What’s more interesting is that, if you are not familiar or skillful enough to sew, this glue is your saviour. With the right amount and carefull measurement you can surely make up a dress to impress.


Instead of thrift store hunting, this time you are going cloth hunting. This is quite difficult than the last but quite original and unique. Now the cloth needs to be quite inexpensive but at the same time achieves the flow or stiffness you want your dress to be.

Measurements and Pattern Cutting

Measuring this time around is strict since you are not just making a part of a dress to attach or dettach you’re making a whole dress. The disadvantage of this one then is that it takes up time and it is very risky for those who lack dress-making skills


Hand sewing an entire dress would take months. Machine sewing is highly suggested. But if you still don’t have faith on your machine sewing skills, hand sewing is a second option, but still if not confident enough E600 saves the day. Designing it wont be a problem too since accessories and patterns are accessible and cheap to find.

Remember, comfort comes first but elegance puts you on top. Be imaginative but realistic at the same time. Design and create, pour your hearts out.