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Full name: Corliss G. Corazza
Birth Date: February 4, 1950
Birth Place: Martinez, California
Age: 68
Genre: Inspirational Memoir, Spirituality
No. of Books Written: An Unlikely Teacher with Life Changing Lessons was my debut
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Interesting Facts

  • Corliss has two daughters and three grandsons five and under. Some of her best days are spent as Grandma!
  • The last ten years of Corliss’s teaching career were spent as an advisor for homeschool and independent study students. She loves to share the many success stories of what a great match this was for so many students and their families.
  • Corliss finds gardening therapeutic, most puzzles can be solved to the tempo of a good pair of clippers.
  • Corliss loves words, reading them and writing them. Words form ideas and ideas educate when shared. There is nothing more thrilling to her than seeing the light in the eyes of a child who has just grasped a concept and has an idea.

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Notable Characters Created

+ Connie Castro Jackson

+Joe French

+ Donald Caruso