What was that event in your life that made you lose faith in people, yourself and even faith in God?

Have you been depressed about circumstances you have no control?

Have your life turned upside down to the point of contemplating suicide?


Our problems may differ in intensity but we all are inwardly hoping for something – ANSWERS.

Answers are not easy to find. Some proactively sought, some are found serendipitously but the best answers are testimonies -real and practical experiences told as it happened.


This is what Don’t Step on the Ants is about.

“What had I done to deserve this set back in my life?”

“I had a good endeavor, but why do I feel forsaken?”

“Why did God allowed this to happened?”

Don't Step on the Ants: A Book that Understands You

Al Christiano asked himself and God over and over again but did not find an answer until a miracle happened one day. He soon finds out that he is destined for a new life mixed with happiness, sadness, and the re-discovery of his faith in God when he becomes the father of triplet babies. The problems he thought he never would overcome seem to be so small compared to the blessing he has before him. Was it the answer to his problem? No, but he gained brand-new courage, hope and faith to face his problems.



Don’t Step on the Ants emphasizes that the answers we are seeking will not always be in the form that we expected. It’s a short, concise, book written with no embellishments. There is no fluff. It is written as it happened.


About the Author

Al Christiano was a successful professional in his 32-year career. He is retired living in Florida surrounded by a loving wife, 5 children, 7 grandchildren, and 4 great-grandchildren.


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