Author Profile

Doug Huestis

Full Name: Douglas Huestis
Birthplace: 1925 in London, Ontario, Canada. Grew up in Montreal.
Age: 94
Pen Name: Wrote once as Eric Patton.
Genre: (for these books) Young Adult
Books Written: Textbooks, Translation, Scientific Articles, Book Chapters, and Novels

Interesting Facts

  • Physician and Retired Medical School Professor.
  • Married 64 years (so far) to Rosemary.
  • Polyglot (gets along in 5 languages).
  • Enjoys reading and gardening and walking his greyhound Maya, used to brew his own beer.

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Notable Characters Created

+ Willi Reihard: A young German sailor captured by the Canadians.

+ Lorenz Schubert: Another German sailor, a ship’s bully.

+ Tim O’Dowd: A Canadian boy who can fly high.

+ Goatsfoot: A nasty demon who also stinks.

+ Hermas Lalonde: A scruffy old man who seems to know everything.

+ Selwyn House School: This is a nonfictional part of my stories and qualifies as a character on its own. It was and is a private school for boys, in downtown Montreal, in the 1930s, an old-fashioned British-type of prep school with a no-nonsense curriculum. A thin bamboo cane applied to the backside of the fractious pupil was considered a teaching aid. I attended that school from 1933 to 1939 and thrived there. And, yes, I was disciplined from time to time.