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Full name: Dr. J Thomas Maddox
Birth Date: November 1, 1949
Birth Place: Savannah, Ga.
Age: 68
Genre: Religion and Spirituality and History
No. of Books Written: 2, Pattern of Kindness published by Brentwood press and Following The Mist by Legaia Publishing Company.

Interesting Facts

  • United Methodist Minister for 30 years and now retired. I am a honorably discharged Veteran of the US Navy during the Vietnam War and was injured in the line of duty. I am a disabled US veteran. I was blown forty feet up in the air when a boiler I was tending exploded.
  • I graduated from Emory University with a MDiv and New Covenant International Bible college with a DS. Literature in Columbia, SC. I live in Naples, Florida with my lovely wife Glendine. My son, John Maddox iv is a Foreign Language (Spanish and Portuguese ) professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
  • I am a book writer of Religion and History. I play the piano and enjoy the beaches of Naples, Florida.

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