Dr. Beischel is a retired Professor, and now Adjunct Professor of Psychology, at Peru State College in Nebraska and hold degrees in philosophy, theology, and psychology. (via Amazon)

Author Profile

Birth date: July 8, 1932
Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH
Pen names: Dr. B, Dr. Mark
Occupation: Psychologist
No. of books published: 4

Interesting Facts

  • I have four children (3 adopted). I am the 8th of nine children. I live three months of the year in North Carolina and 9 months in Omaha, NE.
  • Although I am 85 years of age I still run national workshops through Vyne Education and teach graduate course online for Peru State College.
  • For recreation I make stained glass windows and wander through the national forests of the world with an unusual curiosity for science and nature.
  • I am a retired Catholic priest and still meditate daily.. I ran for 30 years, swam for 10 and now ride a bike daily as I meditate.

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