E.B. White is one of the prolific children’s book author who had successfully created a masterpiece that will go through time. Some of his popular works include Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little.

Author Profile

Full Name: Elwyn Brooks White
Birth Date: July 11, 1899
Birthplace: Mount Vernon, New York, U.S.
Education: Cornell University
Occupation: Writer
Nationality: American
Spouse: Katharine Sergeant Angell White

Interesting Facts

  • Elwyn released Defense of the Bronx River article in 1925 in the New Yorker magazine which was his first section of this magazine. He was then made and started as a contributing editor in 1927, an organization which lasted until he died in 1985.
  • White was given a position to teach at the University of Minnesota but refused since his dream was to become an author.
  • He got hired in the American Legion News Service and United Press International between 1921-1922 and continued to become a columnist for the Seattle Times between the year 1922 to 1923. He then discovered that he was ill-fitted for journalism, and their head editor had already come up with same judgment, so they agreed to part ways.
  • White is a son of a piano craftsman who was adequately well off, but neither rich. He studied in Cornell and graduated in 1921.

Featured Books

Notable Characters Created

+ Stuart Little

+ Charlotte A. Cavatica