Years before, people are only divided into two camps when it comes to published books: the book lovers and the non-book lovers. However, the publishing and literary landscape has changed and there are now three camps arguing with one another: the ebook lovers, paperback lovers, and non-book lovers. Authors will have to face these three camps sooner or later during Legaia Books publishing.


With today’s innovation, people now have access to electronic books, otherwise known as “ebooks”. Generally, ebooks are book publications that are available in their digital form. The ebooks can consist of images and/or texts. The content is then readable on computers, mobile phones, or other electronic gadgets.


  • It is portable.

  • It is handy.

  • No need to worry about other people judging you for what you read.

  • You can adjust the font size according to how you want it.

  • It is easier to bookmark pages.


  • An ebook reader is more expensive than paperbacks.

  • They don’t give off the kind of feeling that paperbacks do when reading.

  • Staring too long at the screen can hurt your eyes.

  • Even when authors avail of Legaia Books marketing, they may no longer meet their readers face-to-face.


The paperback is one type of book that is easily identified through its paperboard or thick paper cover. While most book types are held together with staples or stitches, paperbacks use glue instead. This is a very common option for traditional publishing.


  • Traditional readers will love the feel of reading a book at their nook.

  • Physical books are forever.

  • Physical books can be shared, spread, and lent.


  • They are not easy to move around.

  • They take up too much space.

  • If you have a stack of paperbacks, finding that one title may prove to be a hassle.

If you have a book you want to publish, you will have to meticulously decide whether you’ll go with the traditional publishing or digital publishing.