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Elizabeth Turnbull

Full name: Elizabeth Turnbull
Birth Date: September 8, 1965
Age: 52
Birthplace: Born in Nigeria, Africa and grew up in Ontario, Canada
Pen Name: Liz
Genre: Children’s Book
Number of Books: 1

Interesting Facts

  • Throughout my entire life I have loved the strength and beauty of the outdoors and believed deeply in the power of animals to connect, bond and impact our lives.
  • Over the years my family has rescued a variety of fabulous “fur babies” beginning with a little orphaned chimpanzee we named “Cindy” that came to us at birth during the years we lived in West Africa.
  • Once back in Canada I have focused the last 27 years of my career teaching children they were born with a beautiful “Light Inside” and wanting to see them find a sense of themselves, where they came from and where they want to be.

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Elizabeth Turnbull