Christian author Russell A. Young reveals God’s plan for eternal salvation with clarity and thought-provoking observations and revelations. Relevant teachings from Genesis to Revelation have been examined and doctrines have been placed in perspective as they apply to a person’s eternal need and hope.

After having been challenged by Scripture concerning the veracity of his own condition, the author spent decades researching the doctrine of eternal salvation as revealed from the Word of God.  His commitment to gain truth by avoiding extra-biblical influence has resulted in many prayerful struggles as the passage was measured against passage allowing understanding to emerge. Through the evidences provided, the reader will learn that biblical truth may not be consistent with the frequent proclamations of evangelists and teachers. Over the years, many assumptions and presumptions and even errors have infiltrated our understanding of the “truth”: often having it become a philosophical construct of “the wise’’. “No matter what is taught, God is the author of salvation, and it is His determination as to who will dwell with Him. His Word has revealed the truths that will bring a person into his eternal presence, and it must be properly examined and understood,” claims the author. The Lord spoke His words to fishermen, tax-collectors, etc. and did not entrust it to “the wise,” the Pharisees and philosophers of His day.

This writing will cause many believers and non-believers to reflect on the purpose and nature of God’s plan and consider their own place in it. The author has brought clarity to complicated topics and informs the reader concerning teachings on obedience and judgment that are seldom made known, has explained the meanings of faith and belief, has examined the issue of works and grace in salvation, along with the accomplishments of the cross, and the needed understanding of the Holy Spirit’s ministry in accomplishing God’s purposes in the eternal salvation process.

Eternal Salvation

The author has distinguished the difference between salvation and eternal salvation allowing seemingly conflicting passages to have meaning. He has also presented the New Covenant with its requirements and with it the New Testament writers’ revelation of the required life of faith through “walking in the light.”

This book is “A Biblical Revelation for Christian Discipleship” and the author is exhorting his readers to invest in discipleship for their own edification and peace of mind. In the end, a person’s eternal salvation rests in his own beliefs and practices. Each will be personally accountable for their faith. The wise will not let their hope rest in the understanding borrowed from another but will own their faith. Each person’s eternal hope is built on a personal relationship with the Lord.

“It is time to carefully re-examine biblical revelation in order to satisfy the heart if a person is truly ‘okay’ when it comes to eternal salvation,” stated the author. The study of the doctrine of eternal salvation was motivated by the conflict between the written Word and stated word. The study was initiated to resolve the strife that brought unrest to the author’s soul.

Consider Paul’s words: “Since we have been justified by Christ’s blood, how much more shall we be saved from God’s wrath through him (his life).” (Rom 5:9-10 NIV) What was the “more” that was required? According to Paul, he had to undergo more “suffering” “becoming like Christ in his death, and so, somehow to attain to the resurrection of the dead.” (Gal 3:10 NIV) If Paul, who provided much of our teaching on this topic, was unsure of his eternal state on what is the confidence of the rest of us based? Unfortunately, many absorb faith revealed by the teachings of man rather than of the Spirit. This has resulted in the many denominations that constitute the “Christian” community. It is easy for those who are not well well-read to accept as truth the offerings of others who are considered more knowledgeable. This often leads to dismissal of the challenges brought about through their own reading and studies. The soul is challenged for a reason and any disquiet should not be left unchecked.

“The objective of this writing is to present the teachings on eternal salvation as revealed in the Word of God as clearly as possible. A strenuous effort has been made to avoid falling into the biases of any particular spiritual or denominational perspective,” wrote the author.   “To gain truth, I have allowed the Scriptures to lead me rather than to let my understanding interpret God’s Word. The many biblical references have been included to anchor the writing in truth. I am very much aware of God’s condemnation of those who bring false teaching.  I’ve provided references for the reader to compare my presentations with Scripture so that the points being made will not be taken as conjecture, which would render the writing simply one man’s opinion,” declares the author.

Eternal Salvation

Russell lives in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. He is a husband, a father to six children and six grandchildren. He is a graduate of Queens University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counselling. He has been in the Christian ministry for over fifty years since having made a commitment to Christ through confession of belief. He was brought up in a family of nine children and was encouraged to attend church. The issue of an eternal need was not awakened in him until the challenges of the Word were revealed through an invitation to a Bible-believing and teaching body. He soon took interest in hearing God’s words and through small group studies and teaching opportunities he developed an unquenchable thirst. As his understanding developed, opportunities were provided to teach the youth to become involved in sharing words from the pulpit. He became involved with Sunday School as a teacher and local superintendent. A nearby church plant inspired him to lead weekly Bible studies as the nucleus of that church was formed and after thirty years it remains a thriving and growing body. Eventually, he took over leadership of the youth group and from it several pastors have been birthed. This ministry led to participation in the start-up of a local Youth for Christ chapter. He served in the capacity of a board member for almost twenty years and eventually was elected to the Youth for Christ Canada board of directors where he served for a nine-year period.

Upon departure from the board and upon retirement from teaching Russell became more heavily involved with church activities and taught an evangelism class. He also did marriage counseling, pulpit relief in nearby churches, and presented Sunday services in local retirement centres. As conflicts between the spoken word and the written Word became more evident, his studies took over more of his interest. He has published over a hundred and twenty studies on the internet.

This book is the third but first published, writing on the doctrine of eternal salvation and only reflects a portion of the many studies undertaken to arrive at an understanding of biblical truths.

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