Loyal fans of the Goosebumps book series were delighted at the news that the popular children’s horror novellas by R.L. Stine were finally getting its well-deserved time on the big screen. It was released last October 2015, the film starred Jack Black as R.L. Stine’s fictionalized version. While viewers have expected the film to not hold back on the scares- and it didn’t; it came as a surprise- a good one, at that- that it made the audiences laugh too.

Fun, scary in the right places, and a family-friendly movie, it certainly captured the nostalgia for many of the ’90s kids who have grown up with the books. While you might already have seen the film, there is a very good chance that there may be things you missed and some facts you didn’t actually know about the movie.

It featured most of the monsters in the Goosebumps book series. The screenwriters were having a hard time adapting each of Stein’s books into a movie because each one is just way too short. They came up with the brilliant idea of making the movie a phony biopic for Stine which would make it easier for them to feature most of the monsters in the book series. Think of it as a ‘greatest hits’ of the monster characters he created.

George A. Romero was tapped to direct the movie adaptation of the book series. The plan was for him to get all the Goosebumps book series adapted into a single film. He nearly came close to making it too since he even finished a draft.

Tim Burton was also considered to direct the movie. One can only imagine how dark and truly scary the movie would have been if the plans to leave it in the hands of director Tim Burton pushed through. It was in 1998 when plans to get the Willy Wonka director on board to adapt the book series were initiated. However, the whole thing fell apart and he never got behind the camera to direct the film.

“Mr. Shivers” is the alias of Jack Black’s R.L Stine used before eventually revealing his true identity. This was actually a reference to another horror-themed children’s series that were released around 1996, about the same time that the original run was about to end. The books were considered as nothing but shameless rip-offs of Stein’s books and using this in the movie was a cheeky reference to this. Cheeky Goosebumps inside info, isn’t it?

Slappy is an actual Doll, while a lot of the monsters featured in the film were created in CGI. They decided to use a real ventriloquist doll for the character although there may be certain parts of its body parts that required some digital effects. Apparently, Slappy was quite creepy in real life and a lot of people were spooked just looking at it sitting around on the set.