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When talking about fanfiction, the first thing that you would most likely think of is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy written by E.L. James. It can be said that this trilogy is one of the most successful books born from fanfiction. Of course, there are many others books that gain success as a fanfic.

Why Writers Write Fanfictions

Aside from writing for the fun of it, many fanfiction writers indulge in the hobby all for the sake of getting an exciting plot out of one’s head. Here are some of the top reasons why writers write fanfiction:

  • fo fill the gaps in the narrative that the fanfiction writer wants to fill.
  • to fix any errors and oversights that the fans notice in the original novel.
  • to include content that may have been censored or can’t be shown due to societal norms.
  • to train for a professional writing career.

Types of Fanfictions

Fanfiction can be broken down into different types. Here are the different types of fanfiction that you should know of:

  • Fandom. Fandom means “fans” and “domain”. It refers to the entire fan community. A fandom fanfic is basically fanfiction based on an established universe.
  • Related to the fandom. This is when the story is not entire based on the fandom but is a sort of spin-off.
  • Short story. A story that is mostly no longer than 100 words.
  • Crossover. When characters or universes from different fandoms are written into one plot or story.
  • Alternate universe. Sometimes, writers make use of popular characters but change the setting. For example, you might find fanfics where the Harry Potter trio are set as college students in Harvard instead.

Common Misconceptions

Sometimes, people who hear that someone is writing fanfictions end up thinking that these writers are somehow plagiarizing from the original writers. Of course, that isn’t the case. Before judging if a fanfic is a plagiarized form of the original novel, one must first differentiate between plagiarism and inspiration.

Aside from issues of plagiarism, there are many other misconceptions that others think about upon hearing the word “fanfiction”. Here are some of them:

  • Fanfiction writers are mostly male. Nope. In fact, it is the opposite. Fanfiction writers are mostly females. It is even difficult to find male fanfiction writers.
  • Fanfiction are written mostly by pre-teen girls. Again, nope. Pre-teen girls aren’t the only ones who write fanfiction. Anyone from all ages can write fanfiction.
  • Fanfics are bad for teen literacy. Since fanfictions cater to teens, some people think that the badly written ones will affect teen literacy negatively. However, that isn’t the case at all. Some teens reading fanfictions become better editors in the long run. They’ll probably end up with a hefty job at an online literary magazine.

Fanfiction is just one of the many forms of literature. It is one way of showcasing people’s writing talents. You might not know it, you might eventually become one of the best authors of young adult fictions or thriller crime novels, with fanfiction as your stepping stone.