Higher. Further. Faster.

Just like Carol Danvers who is finally gracing the silver screen next month with Marvel’s first female-led superhero movie, Paperclips Magazine has decided to go higher, further, and faster.

Since our first issue, our team has always been aiming to provide the best entertainment and value to our readers. We may not be perfect, with some detractors coming at us rigorously and chipping away at our worth, but we remain undaunted for the readers who placed their trust on us.

Paperclips Magazine - February Magazine Issue 57 - Captain Marvel - Cover Photo

This year, we are proud to announce a few changes in the magazine that will take us higher in the realm of entertainment. The team will not only be showcasing as many highly anticipated films; we will also be featuring highly-acclaimed wordsmiths in our magazine. We will strive to deliver this feature the soonest we can.

Another milestone we aim to grab this year is to increase our reach further. That means one thing: global distribution. Paperclips Magazine is quite conservative with our distribution due to our mission of providing free reading on the latest scoop on books, movies, and TV shows. However, we are no longer satisfied with our passive stance. The team will thus be working on opening a few distribution outlets online from which more readers will be able to get their copy of the magazine.


We are currently working double time to reach these milestones we’ve set for the year 2019. The faster we reach our goals, the more satisfaction we offer to our loyal subscribers. The team hopes for you, our dear readers, to keep an eye on us and judge, in the end, whether we’ve delivered our promise or not.

To start the first step toward these goals though, the Paperclips Magazine team will first present the fruits of our editorial team’s effort last month. This February issue you are perusing right now will center on our Storyline’s Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, also known as Marvel’s strongest Avenger. The re-imagining of Disney’s classic, Dumbo, by Tim Burton is right under the Spotlight. And if you are into thrills, suspense, and horror, a huge jump scare awaits you with Jordan Peele’s Us in Trailer Breakdown.

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We also see in this month’s theater release pool a couple of book-to-film adaptations that you will surely not want to miss – namely, Where’d You Go, Bernadette, Five Feet Apart, Chaos Walking, Wounds, and Greyhound. You can find them featured in the Writer’s Pick section, together with the feature on Captive State.

March proves to be a jam-packed schedule for moviegoers. Hence, this February, save up for those tickets. Then, let’s meet next month at any of the theaters showing the movies featured here in Paperclips Magazine Issue 57.

Lara Kaye
Paperclips Magazine