Fighting with My Family is a sports comedy-drama highlighting the professional career of WWE wrestler Paige. It premiered last January 28, 2019 at the Sundance Film Festival. With its positive reviews online, it has successfully grossed as much as $24 million, especially after it has been released in the US theaters last February 22.

Before anything else, check out this short film review of Fighting With My Family.


The story follows Saraya Knight, a female wrestler we now know in WWE as “Paige“. Saraya got into wrestling, all thanks to her brother who is an avid fan of WWE as well as her parents who own a wrestling school. Due to financial struggles, Paige and her brother attempt to get WWE trainer Hutch Morgan to sign them. However, after a tryout, Morgan only chooses Paige, leaving out Paige’s brother. Encouraged by her brother, Paige agrees to leave for America for training. Things didn’t go well though as she finds it difficult to adjust to WWE’s entertainment style. During her in-ring debut, Paige freezes up as she is heckled by the crowd. This prompts her to leave the ring in tears. Brokenhearted, she returns home only to say to her family that she’s quitting WWE, to which her brother vehemently opposed. After clearing up her doubts and misunderstanding, Paige returns to WWE to continue her training. She becomes more and more confident in herself, which eventually allowed her to win her Divas Championship during her Raw debut.

What We Think About It

From an entertainment perspective, it is indeed a fun film. Even when Dwayne Johnson isn’t really the highlight of the film, Johnson’s fans won’t be disappointed as he is given enough screentime for us to get a good kick out of his appearance. The film is very much in reflection of WWE – lighthearted drama with a touch of warmth.


3 stars. If it is entertainment, sports, drama, and comedy you want, they are all rolled into one in Fighting with My Family.