A drama-comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne, Instant Family promises a great time for the whole family. It was released in the US theaters last November 16, 2018. Since then, the film has garnered positive reviews and a total box office of $117 million against its $48 million budget.

Check out this short film review of Instant Family:


Instant Family focuses its spotlight on two Californian couples, Pete and Ellie (played by Wahlberg and Byrne respectively). The couple, who are already in their 40s, cause worry to their friends who think they will never have kids despite their obvious hope for it. One thing led to another, the two decided to adopt a kid instead. While at a fair that opens opportunities for aspiring adoptive parents to meet foster kids, a teenager impresses the couple, which made them consider taking her in. However, it turns out that the teenager has two other siblings as well. The couple eventually decides to foster the three kids to show that they can be good parents. Hilarity ensues as the two are new hands at parenthood. Learning the ropes, the two try their best to become a family for the foster kids. It isn’t easy though as they face the reality of being foster parents. With all things becoming more and more hectic with three kids around, will it eventually become all right in the end?

What We Think About It

The thing about this film is that the story portrays what truly happens in the real world. There are parents who are looking forward to a happy family by adopting kids. There are also kids who long for a family too. Of course, some kids just want to be rebellious, thinking that if their real parents can’t love them, then no one else could. It takes patience, time, and enough love to strengthen a bond, especially when it comes to forming a family. Instant Family, although may not truly reflect the complex legalities and process of adoption, it still provided us with a well-intentioned plot that is worth watching.


3.5 stars. It is definitely a must-watch for both kids and adults.