Released last February 28, 2019, Isn’t It Romantic is the romantic comedy film that will make you burst in laughter. Starring Rebel Wilson, Adam Devine, Liam Hemsworth, and Priyanka Chopra, here’s a short film review of Isn’t It Romantic:


The film focuses on the story of Natalie, a New York architect who spends most of her time going on coffee errands for her co-workers instead of actually working on her craft. Since she was a child, Natalie has been jaded with the idea of love. She doesn’t believe in it and labels it a lie. One day, she gets into an accident and wakes up in the hospital with a hot doctor attending to her. Originally without a clue on what’s going on, Natalie eventually figures out that she’s stuck in a PG-13 rom-com alternate universe. With this realization, she embarks on a challenge to find true love in an attempt to get back to her real world.

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What We Think About It

Isn’t It Romantic has definitely played the rom-com tropes well. However, a fun twist has been added to the story with the plus-size lead role (Rebel Wilson) screwing the entire genre over. Of course, it isn’t just the un-‘Julia Roberts’-like female lead that puts the film askew from its romcom genre. Rebel Wilson has done an amazing job in delivering her cynical quips whenever she faces a romcom trope – be it with the posh apartment, gay best friend, or dance mobs. Her usual antics will put a smile to your face for the entire (almost) 90 minutes of the film.

While it may be true that Wilson and the other actors did their best in portraying their roles, the plot may seem underdeveloped to some. There are some scenes in the film that became dragging, which perhaps contributed to the mad dash to wrap things up in the final scene.


2.5 stars. The film is considerably flawed in some areas but it is still worth watching.