When it comes to women making changes in history, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of the progressives who left her mark. In her honor, a thought-provoking film that takes place inside and outside the court is released with her life on the highlight. Here’s our take on the film, On The Basis of Sex, starring Felicity Jones:


As a struggling attorney, Ruth is trying her hardest to gain a foothold in her career. With her advocacy of equal rights between men and women, she ruffles a few feathers in her male-dominated line of work. This is especially so when she takes on a groundbreaking tax case together with her husband. As a consequence of her strong lobbying, she faces numerous obstacles. Despite that, she held firm as she knows that the case will not only change her career prospects but also the court’s view on gender equality.

What We Think About It

Ginsburg is indeed a prolific figure when it comes to gender equality. Thus, there is merit in watching a film about her. Even more so when the film focuses on a major turning point not only in her life but also in her environment. Plot-wise, the thought-provoking story will leave you focusing on the film for its entire run time. As for the cast, Felicity Jones, playing Ginsburg, may not be the best option for the honored woman. She’s too soft and too mellow to actually portray the relentless, powerful gender equality advocate. However, she tried her best to exude the confidence a woman of that time should have. The other actors also showed exceptional performance, which further cements the domination of men back in the days.


2.5 stars. It is good. In fact, it might give rise to a cult following, especially to those who advocate gender equality. However, normal moviegoers should take it with a grain of salt as there are definitely film embellishments on the film.