After his success with Attack the Block, Cornish is back with the thriller-family film The Kid Who Would Be King. A rated PG film, TKWWBK premiered in the US last January 25, 2019. Ashbourne Serkis, Patrick Stewart, and Rebecca Ferguson, to name a few, top bills this film that is filled with action, adventure, and fantasy.


The Kid Who Would Be King brings old Arthurian lore back to life in modern times. A young boy becomes the next Arthur when he discovers Excalibur in a construction ruins. His epic adventure starts when he successfully pulls it out. He meets Merlin who tells him that he needs to round up his Knights of the Round Table to fight off an age-old menace – King Arthur’s half-sister and a wicked enchantress, Morgana. The boy must set off to transform into a great leader from being a bullied kid in school.

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What We Think About It

Plot-wise, Joe Cornish has definitely made the best pick with this modern Arthurian lore. However, when it comes to the cast, it is quite easy to see how incompatible the kids are at their roles, especially when they are donning their knightly armor. The battle with the ghostly horsemen, which are obviously CGI, seem to be awkward too.

Aside from the cast, the length of the movie is another aspect that we’ve had trouble coming to terms to. The film is two hours long! If the film is for kids, 60-80 minutes tops should have been enough. But no! Cornish just had to drag the film for a full 120 minutes.

Regardless, you can tip the hat in congratulation to Christian Beck and Electric Wave Bureau for lending a fantastic BGM to this film.


2 stars. It’s okay to watch this film once just to see what it is about. However, we’d probably abstain from watching it again.