“The air, always thick with Sacramento Valley heat. There were five or six kids still at home, my oldest sister had run off and one brother had married and moved on. A sister with a husband and child, two older brothers and a little sister lived with us.  We were a mix of ages and heredity. I was in first grade when I started seeing spirits.”

This inspirational memoir, An Unlikely Teacher with Life Changing Lessons, has so much wisdom— Connie Castro Jackson’s wisdom— which so easily applies to us all. I keep a working copy of the book that sports highlights, sticky notes, and underlines, always wanting to be able to touch back and remind myself about what she taught me as I carefully penned her story.

Connie Castro Jackson could have remained tethered to the poverty of her childhood and could have passed off those psychic experiences as a young child as “just” imaginations; but her inquisitive mind has always been too full of questions that needed exploring. This woman has spent her life probing and learning; then sharing her wisdom to others. A wisdom born from a source deeper and more direct than any formal education.


Connie is a locally well-known intuitive channel and spiritual advisor. She has had more than fifty years of experience in metaphysics; teaching, healing and giving readings. Her certifications include: Master Intuitive Arts, space clearing and energy enhancement, hypnotherapy and Minister of Universal Life Foundation.

The purpose and design of this memoir is to broaden the audience of one incredible Transformational Coach who has already helped change many lives. Our desire, in offering this perspective, is to help our readers navigate this crazy journey through life.

Her story is from the heart. She retells some amazing psychic experiences in her colloquial way and offers instructions on how to connect with the collective consciousness that is our source of wisdom. Tucked into this memoir are unforgettable stories, from poignant to hilarious. The information is down-to-earth funny, tinged with salty language, and loaded with insight. Connie shares some heartbreaking lessons in a way that feels like a great visit with a trusted friend.


Joseph, Editor for Balboa Press wrote, “Thank you for the opportunity to edit the An Unlikely Teacher with Life Changing Lessons. This is an inspiring and revealing memoir that explores Connie’s spiritual awakening and the development of her psychic abilities. You discuss painful and heartbreaking events with honesty and clarity, encouraging readers to view their own life stories in the same way. I enjoyed reading your book and believe it has the potential to reach a wide audience. You have done a great job bringing Connie’s remarkable life to the page.”

Imagine how fortunate I feel to be the one she chose to write this memoir.  I was able to spend many hours in her company, interviewing, clarifying, and learning. They were enjoyable times and I looked forward to our meet-ups and lunches… still do.

Writing has always been joyful for me. During my years as a classroom teacher and then a Home School/independent Study teacher I taught writing.  But it hasn’t been until my retirement from full time work that I could indulge this passion. Writing Connie’s story was a labor of love. We have known each other for many years and I have great admiration for her and her abilities. I have attended her classes on meditation over the years and have acquired several mutual friends in the meantime.  Connie is a well- known intuitive channel and spiritual advisor in our area and one of the best teachers I have ever had although she never graduated high school.

The main purpose for writing this story has been to share Connie’s wisdom with a broader audience as we feel so many people can benefit from it.

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