Each time Goosebumps is mentioned, you will probably remember all those book and TV monsters that kept you up all night. For most people, Mr. Stine’s creepy stories are the farthest thing to funny. However, the 2015 screenplay surely made it easier to love the stories and its monsters with the genius ways they peppered funny scenes that will make you less afraid. Here are some:


When R. L Stine Made a Cameo. Stephenie Meyer and J.K Rowling have appeared in the movie adaptations of their movies and R.L Stine could be counted among them. In the movie, he appeared walking through the halls of the school at the end of the movie. What’s funny? In the movie, his name was Mr. Black while Jack Black plays Mr. Stine.


Slappy the Dummy bears a resemblance with Mr. Stine. Who is the one person that comes to your mind whenever you see Slappy the Dummy? If you would say Mr. Stine, then you are absolutely correct. This character, although hated for his many evil doings is a mainstay of many books, television adaptations, and in the movie. Here, he was found sitting in the chair, terrorizing Mr. Stine.

“Did you miss me?”

Slappy greeted Mr. Stine and his friends this way. And of course, what’s a grander entrance than to appear clad in a tuxedo? Angry Slappy was very unhappy of course when he realized Mr. Stine wants him back in the book.

He is the main monster who wreaked havoc in the outside world, telling other monsters that the only way they could be free is if they kill Stine. Throughout all these, you would probably hate him for all his evil deeds but you would have to admit that the way he carries himself, and of course the way he is voiced, adds to his unintended charm.

Have you heard? Slappy will be back for the movie’s sequel.


Shopping with a Werewolf. In the movie, Mr. Stine wasn’t so lucky to find that his big dog on a loose character was out “grocery shopping” devouring all the meat he could eat to his heart’s content. However, because he was persistent on taking him back inside the book, the not-so-friendly canine wants him dead.

It was an adventure trying to escape from this big dog. When Stine hid under the table, the werewolf’s saliva dropped on his face. Can you imagine how yucky it must have felt?


“There’s no escaping from us” In this scene, Slappy was driving a car as he, and hordes of Stine’s monsters are out to find their creator. Here, Slappy said his famous line: “Papa, there’s no escaping from us.”

He was very happy that all the other monsters were following his orders. For a change, it isn’t him who is just following what he is told or forced to do. But if you think about it though, why are the other monsters following his orders when they are clearly stronger and more capable of wreaking havoc than him?


Hannah found Zach and his friend getting cozy. In one scene, Hannah was surprised to find Zach’s friend on top of him when they were really just scared of the abominable snowman of Pasadena. Well, it’s a good thing Hannah kept her cool with that bat.