Nicole Kidman has been around for a very long time. She has starred in various films with different genres. Even at this point in time, there are only a few films that she starred in that did not do her justice. Of course, most of her movies do not involve superhero plots. That is why, for the most part, it came as a rather pleasant surprise when she turned out to be Aquaman’s real mother in the newest DC Universe film ‘Aquaman’.

Just who is Nicole Kidman in ‘Aquaman’?

The Australian beauty has, again, showcased a blonde head but this time with a crown. She plays Queen Atlanna, Queen of Atlantis and mother to no other than Aquaman himself. Now, she isn’t someone who you’d think would prefer superhero films. However, this time, she is exceptionally keen on keeping the role. This is even more so when James Wan is sitting in the director’s chair, She is, in fact, an avid follower of Wan.

After showing her sketches of how the Queen of Atlantis would look like (which was basically modeled from her features) and how the story would pan out, Nicole was sold. I must say, her addition to this astoundingly beautiful film has made wonders.

Aside from Nicole Kidman, many big stars of Hollywood are participating in the said superhero film. Jason Momoa will be playing the titular character, Aquaman, who is also Nicole Kidman’s character’s son in the film. Amber Heard will be playing Mera, the lead role’s love interest. Other stars worth mentioning include Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Willem Dafoe, and many more!

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‘Aquaman’ garnered $1 billion in the box office, knocking fellow DCU superhero ‘Wonder Woman’ off its chair with a mere $850 million.