Last year marks the official appearance of Vertical Entertainment’s indie teen drama entitled Giant Little Ones. The said film premiered first at the Toronto International Film Festival last September 9, 2018. It also made subsequent premieres at other international festivals later on.

Giant Little Ones tell about the story of childhood best friends Ballas and Franky. Originally, the two friends are living the typical yet perfect teenage life. They are well-liked at school. They also have girlfriends. All seems in place, save for the fact that Franky’s father left his mom for a man. Although his father is trying to talk to Franky, he still hadn’t come to terms with his father’s sexuality.

Franky’s normal life soon turns upside down though. During Franky’s birthday bash, Ballas outs himself when he tries to seduce Franky while intoxicated. Afraid of what might happen afterward, Ballas and his girlfriend preemptively spread the gossip of Franky being gay. This event marks the trials in Franky’s relationships and emotions. Through these trials, Franky realizes what he personally wants. Not only that, he comes to realize his father’s standpoint.


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While the film may be tagged as an indie teen drama, it is definitely more than that. It is a coming-of-age film that perfectly fits today’s times when a lot of youths are getting more and more curious. Letting them experiment – on a moderate basis – allows them to learn life lessons that may build up their character and help them with their growth. The youth, as well, should learn from the lessons they learned while growing up.

This indie teen drama stars Josh Wiggins as Franky, together with Kyle MacLachlan and Maria Bello as his parents. Darren Mann plays the role of the lifelong best friend, Ballas. Hailey Kittle, Taylor Hickson, Peter Outerbridge, and Kiana Madeira also appears in this thrilling sexual awakening film, among many other stars. Giant Little Ones will soon be in the US theaters this March 2019.