After three years, Goosebumps returns with a sequel that doesn’t have Jack Black. After getting re-titled three (3) times before finally settling on Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, fans around the world are mostly questioning why. We have come up possible reasons why Jack Black didn’t come back for the sequel.

Jack Black is a busy bee. During the time of the script writing phase and filming of the actual movie, Jack Black was shooting another film, The House with a Clock in Its Walls, which is another classic YA horror adaptation. Goosebumps 2 was originally slated to premiere on the same day in September as this Jack Black film. However, probably to avoid a clash between two of Jack Black’s movies, Goosebumps 2 finally decided on an October release date.


Sony Pictures had a tighter budget. Of course, Jack Black’s schedule isn’t the only thing that hinders his return to the Goosebumps sequel. One of the possibilities is also the fact that Sony has a tight budget to follow for the film, which makes it impossible for them to cast Jack Black. After all, Jack Black has a current value of $6M-$8M dollars.

The story is now with a different plot. The first Goosebumps movie followed the script written by Darren Lemke, which was from a story penned by Larry Karszewski and Scott Alexander. Originally, Darren Lemke wrote the script for the sequel as well, with Black in the lineup. However, Sony tapped Rob Lieber to create the script based on Lieber and Lemke’s story.

Is it really a big deal? While Sony was open to having Black as part of the cast despite all the issues that cropped up during the pre-production phase, that doesn’t mean that they think Black is really needed in the movie. They were holding the stance that whether or not Jack Black comes, the movie must go on. After all, they can’t attribute the first film’s success to Black’s participation alone. Goosebumps was already a successful brand, which plays the biggest role in the success of the film both domestically and internationally.

Or he would have said no. This fact isn’t in any reports but there is also the possibility that Jack Black himself declined to reprise his role as R.L. Stine. Why? Who knows?

Without Jack Black, Goosebumps may or may not be a success this 2018. Are you excited for the next film even without Black in it? Or do you prefer watching him do his quirks as R.L. Stine? Comment below.