Goosebumps 2 has released its new trailer and as excited, as I wanted to be, it seemed a little lackluster. I tried to put my finger on what was missing that made it a little bland this time and there were a couple of factors that made it so.

First off, the cast looks entirely different and it would seem that they were casted thinking of the younger generation rather than the nostalgic 90’s people who breathed this series since the day it was first released.

Second, the plot looks too similar to the first one sans the original cast. I could be wrong, though. Then we have the third one: Jack Black’s obvious absence. I don’t know about you guys but Jack Black and his character shaped the last movie for me and to make him disappear in the second installation seems like a bad move from Sony. I’m certain the new cast won’t fail to deliver, but there seems to be this nagging feeling that having Black around would make things a tad better.

Judging from how things are unfolding, the second installment could be facing a lot of unwanted hitches in its release. One of these could be the fact that the older generation wouldn’t be so keen in watching the same plot line that the previous movie molded; but maybe this time, the targets aren’t old blood but new. It’s hard not to love Goosebumps and this could open a possibility that the young’uns would be dying to read the books that started this all. We’ll just have to wait till Halloween to see the magic unfold.

Another hitch the film could be facing will probably have something to do with their current cast. Sure, they aren’t that bad but the casting looks pretty lacking. I have to admit that the first one had more depth when it came to their characters and most especially, the people that played the part. Again, I could be wrong and we’ll have to wait until the movie gets released to give a thorough assessment.

As for Jack Black, he could be returning as R.L. Stine since there were no official announcements about him not returning for the sequel but I’m not keeping my hopes up. The first movie was unsurprisingly a delight and it did do pretty well in the box office but rumors have been swirling that Sony wants to cut off their budget for the second film, and this means writing off Black’s character in the sequel seeing as he obviously is the highest paid actor in this book adaptation. Sure, the move comes off as practical in a sense but until an official statement gets out (or when the movie actually gets released), we’re always going to be left with questions.

What do you guys think? Was writing off Jack Black’s character a good choice or a bad one? I guess we will just have to wait to find out. Halloween is just around the corner and I’m pretty sure that despite the drawbacks, a lot of you cannot wait until Goosebumps 2 gets released.